why won't my boyfriend make me a sandwich?


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    why has this question been on here for a year ! ?

    mycatsmom, I think she's still waiting for her sandwich. lol

    Where do you think it should be mcm? All questions remain on the forum forever.

    21 Answers

    probably because he's selfish and lazy

    Why do you call him your boyfriend? A boyfriend should treat you like a best friend. He should be happy as heck doing things for you and helping to take care of you. Dump his selfish, lazy butt.

    Marry him and ask him would he like breakfast in bed. I he says yes make a bed up for him in the kitchen saying " This will save you having to walk out here to cook it" Nigh night

    I like it!

    He's a loser.  You need to learn a foreign word ASAP and the word is:  SAYONARA.

    Maybe he is "cheesed off  .Send out for a  sandwich and  let  him "pay !

    He is a waist  of space, he wont even make a sandwich for you, think what he Wont do for you in future.Why bother making sandwich for him, find some one who will love and care for you, and make sandwich for both of you.


    Amazing how genteel your comment....way to go Dolly !

    Dollycharm is alive and kicking !

    ....waste of space....hilarious LOL !

    Now come on!  Maybe he thinks it's a thing that you do in the relationship & maybe he feels you're trying to participate in a power struggle.  Don't make a big deal out of a small things that sounds like starting trouble when its probably some other real issue at hand.  Talk to him and maybe a third party with you guys.  Or maybe good a good communicative counselor.  Have a great day and make that sandwich.

    Maybe he thinks you make the best sandwiches in the world, and he doesn't know how to make them that way, and he is too embarrassed to ask you to show him how so it will please you?

    Trade him in for a new and improved, more attentive model.  He is a Dud-stud.

    Maybe he doesn't have "the bread".

    Ask him for a sausage sandwich.
    Whenever we have expectations of others we are often let down.

    because he's a selfish pain in the a----.  Don't marry him and puh--leeze, don't  have a baby by him.

    After one entire year it's gotta be pretty stale. :P

    But this sandwich could be construed as a metaphor 

    for the entire relationship...not enough mayo, too much mayo,

    where's the pickle...etc....etc

    Because your his sex toy and other than that he don't care maybe?
    find someone else who would value your devotion.If he cannot look after you in those circumstances he never will.
    I make sandwhiches for maddie all day everyday if she is not happy im not happy im here to serve her i do it cuz i love her so much
    My name is Laz and i approve this message
    Dump him for laz
    don't make him sandwiches and u'll see what happened then

    he would leave her

    I bet he asks himself why you never take out the trash and shovel the driveway. It's God's way of leveling the playing field,that's all.

    Cuz that's women's work.

    that is sooo rude.
    im here stuck with a sprained ankle and on crutches
    and all he says is
    "you don't need your feet to make a sandwich."
    Ms Sinclair

    Mike- What a chauvinistic remark. Women were not born with pots and pans, brooms, mops, etc. in their hands. Welcome to the 21st century pal.

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