Do you look for certian ppl to answer our Qustions on AKA.... Are you disappionted when they don't?

    No Names... but there are certain ppl whos oppinion I take to heart. When I dont hear from them I am dissappointed. (Wow Iam so needy...LOL)

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    Yes, you have a good point and question, thumbs up. Sometimes when I am thinking of a new question and as I type it, I wonder if certain members will answer. Maybe because I think they have experience with the subject or just because I want their opinion out of respect. I think we do learn to respect certain people here.

    Sometimes you know there can be a funny answer, and you anticipate how different users will answer.

    Leeroy, I have to admit. You are among the few people that I respect your answers to the ghost community as well as me. There are few out here that I am looking forward to read their responses to some of the question. Jenn also you have pretty good answers when the question doesn't touch you the wrong way. Keep up the good work guys

    Thank you so much, you are in my group of friends on this site that I like to follow as well...

    very good Leeroy for your answer
    Begging?? ;-)


    fabulous!!!!!! yes, yes I am.
    country bumpkin

    Ninnet: P-L-E-A-S-E put some clothes on!
    ole hipster

    Too much laughter from this Ninnet! lmao ... (:

    A TU for the doggie LOL

    ninnet is she preying or begging !

    Gorgeous little dog.
    Eventually I get a response and always appreciate the effort. The diversity of the "Regulars" is what makes this site interesting, the fact that we can disagree, without spitting at each other is great. We are proof that people CAN get along, regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, if one makes an effort to do so. I know I strayed from the question. Answer: I'm not disappointed if a question or answer is not responded too, after all we do have commitments in our lives.
    I enjoy reading it all. Diversity is what makes the world go round.
    It would be nice if we could see who is online when we ask a question.

    Yes it would.

    I would always be hidden. I don't like showing when I'm on line. Not on Facebook and not on skype. I like sneaking up on people, lol

    Colleen is a screeper.... AWESOME!!!! xoxox

    I use to mess with my people on Skype. I'd show off line and they would be doing something in mafia wars that they knew was against clan rules and I would catch them every time. They hated it, lol But they had fun never knowing if they could get away with something....they couldn't ;)

    (Mafia Wars is a game on facebook we played together. I was Godmother of our clan) Good times. Met a lot of people from all over the world playing that game. I can stay in just about any country free as I have a few friends in just about all the countries in the world. The internet is great for meeting people and getting to know all about their culture and way of life. It's quite interesting.
    I like to see the long time members answer me. It lets me know they're still around and haven't run off with the circus or something. It's fun when everyone posts. It's like breeze by visits, lol

    Well at least you didn't say old timers....

    I try to stay away from any phrase that can be used for age too LOL
    ole hipster

    I consider it a pleasure to be called "old timer" either referring to my age (glad I made it this far!) or to any sort of longevity on akaqa!...(:

    good comment Colleen
    I enjoy reading what everyone has to say, but I do miss seeing certain peoples opinions too. I must say that there are questions I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, nor a twenty foot pole. Lately the list of those is getting longer!
    Just learning about different people, but yes I agree. The nice think here is like leeroy said, respect. It's just so nice to get a positive feedback. Really like AKA!
    No. I like diversity. Everones opinion counts and is important. Somse Questions though are questionable.
    No, I don't. I just look for sound answers. And I wouldn't forget to give the good ones TU to show my appreciation. ;-)

    Damn, sound answers? Why didn't you tell me??

    Well there is your TU for your sound answer.. :)

    @Colleen, I thought you knew me, sweetie!

    @Jenn, be careful, I might start liking you!


    I thought I did too smartass ;)

    oh no! anything but that.... LOL. FYI, I like you.
    I like to give more than to receive so do not ask a lot of questions. I do hope I can help some of the ghost squad, be nice to be told I must confess. Sometimes the questions are so convoluted or plain silly I give a ,to me, fitting answer. Can`t help myself I have to send a silly reply.
    Many regulars I read their answers even though I have no interest in the question, this helps me to get a bigger picture of the people I consider "friends"
    Sometimes I may ask a question with a particular person or persons in mind but most of the time I just want to get feedback from everyone.

    Sorry! It's my touch screen on my phone!
    Good question Jenn, tu to you


    ONE member still here 5 years later answered this question when it was first asked. Wow. 



    Good question Jenn I read most question which are posted but I only read them if the question is interesting some are and some arnt, as you know this more than I do. I think Jenn you are a bit sensitive and this not a put down I think it is very endearing so dont change just keep up the good question and answers and I have enjoyed them all lol 


    ME, sensitive???? Never.... I am tough as nails... LOL.

    Oh I have miss read you ! now I do not belive for one miniute you are as tough as nails! LOL

    some people on here talk a lot of sense,some downright jokers

    As i answered in another question some time back, that i have found about 5 or 6 regulars (not mentioning any names) to be very inteligent with the answers they provide,sometimes i feel inferior with my input as their answers out shine the rest.Hope they stay around and keep up the excellent work.

    Jenn: I always hope for an answer.Sometimes I get an answer and sometimes not. Sometimes I don't get the question for a long, long time. Your original question was posted three months ago and I am getting it today! I think it's because I have a Mac. I don't have the little red light that I've heard about.

    some people on here talk a lot of sense,some downright jokers

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