What do you think is going through the minds of the people who send us impossible to answer questions?


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    I simply can't imagine the mind at work, attempting to put together some of the questions here. I've never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, but compared to what I see here, there are an incredible number of stupid people on this planet. I almost feel like an Einstein. Where did you F**king people go to school? Did you go to a real school. Or was that in between learning how to clean your AK47.
    Who knows what motive some people to do what they do. Maybe they want our attention or because they are bored.

    I agree with you Pam, I wonder about where some of these peoples minds are, and we still have a couple of nasty, smart assed people with some of their answers, but I'm just totally ignoring them, not giving them fuel to act more ignorant.
    Its not what is going through their minds its what is their minds going
    Some of them you can't make heads or tails of. The spelling is ridiculous, sometimes there aren't even spaces between the words. Yet still others are terribly boring or the people are so demanding for us to answer them. They can't wait for someone to do a search for them and read up to find the answer.

    I answered the question written in Arabic last week and the guy was so demanding, he asked and re asked the question on how to open a face book account. I couldn't leave the answer in the answer space because our site wouldn't accept the Arabic writing.

    I finally figured it out to leave it in the comment part under the question in the pink box. After I went through google translate and all the red tape it took maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Once I finally got it all right the person never thanked me or anything at all, not that I expect that, but it was a tough one.

    So yes we do get quite a few wing nuts on this site, like any I suppose, but we do it because we like it, not for the simple thank you that rarely ever comes.

    Sometimes I spend a lot of time answering a question as well and I feel the same way. The reason I spend the time is because these questions end up on other search engines, so if someone else asks something similar they will probably be directed here.

    Well let me thank you for them, when people spend their time here answering other peoples questions, usually it means that you care and want to help other people. Good form black3. Thanks again.

    LEROY and everybody who is hardly ever told THANK YOU I do this for you all!!

    Thank you whovin it's not expected, but it's nice to read every now and then.
    They are thinking, now you fools, work that out if you
    Yes, admin needs to make some changes on how this site is reached by people or their headed for problems.
    Know one seems to know where their at on the questions.
    I think many of the questions are some kind of joke... Almost a contest to see how very stupid they can sound. And if we will take the time to try to answer them.
    I Wish I Knew!!!! I can't believe how vague most of them are, you need to sit and think for a min just to figure out what they are trying to ask. I think they just type first think later. Unreal.

    I doubt they think later. They don't think.
    nothing... thats why they exploit ours!!
    There is a toolbar that has a large blue button on it for akaQA. I believe many well meaning people are on a website and wish to ask a question of the site's owner and click on that button. Their question doesn't make any sense to us, but probably would be a perfectly logical one if it went to the intended site.
    I found this site through that button.

    P.S. That blue button is labeled "Ask a Question"

    I know it's on the Bing toolbar not sure if it's on any others. I can usually tell when people are thinking it belongs to the business they're trying to reach. I simply tell them, wrong site.
    I have come a cross them most is just gibberish. I don't know why they can't spell. My spelling is bad at time's But at least you can understand it. may be just kids playing around and seeing who can ask the most stupid thing's and who can write the most gibberish and nonsense. I just ignore it and go on to another label!

    Thank you for the thumb ups
    I think they are bored kids and young adults with high IQ's and because of their immaturety and the gift of inteligence they have yet find a way to channel their nonsense into a sociably acceptable pattern of behavior
    maybe they had too much chocolate :D

    Or too much ice cream? ;)
    Very little.

    I think however that the admin is at fault. Something is "out there" leading people here who do not even know they are here.

    If this could be addressed (and only they can do that) then the site would be much more useful.

    The Bing toolbar has a Questions & Answers button on it. That's what leads a lot of people here. I agree with Flip. I think they believe it's a button to contact an e-mail provider or business through because it's above the page they're on.

    Also, we show on google now. If someone puts a similar question into google's search engine akaQA will come up. This site is on Facebook too.
    Almost nothing.
    Not much I would dare to say.
    When i see a "silly" question,i immediately think that it is a kid being silly or just bored.The questions that are difficult to understand i think are from people that cant talk english but are trying to communicate with us. Misspelt words i think is people that are rushing and dont care how it reads.R Rated questions are posted to see if we take the bait and satisfy their curiosity.Questions of a sexual nature is for the shock factor.But having said that, 80% of questions are asked in the hope of a genuine answer.
    Absolutely nothing.

    I think that a lot of them think that they're not impossible.

    Drugs man....too many of them to list...

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