my husband died i am to young at 55 to draw his benefits i have not worked in at least 10 years i have taken care of our sick parents and grandparents i dont mind a jod at hospital like in a lab or pt asst but i need to go to school for some of it i live in small town where jobs are hard to find my

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    You have experience as a caregiver for the elderly. If you are a compassionate person and like caring for those that need assistance because of age or disability, there are a ton of jobs in that line of work. Many caregiver agencies will train their employees to get them certification.
    Best of luck to you.
    I am sorry for your loss.

    Practical & possible.

    I am sorry for your loss,and where life has placed you . Its a tough spot to be in . I have been self employed for 25 years . I do work in leather and sell most to wholesalers. This is a very artistic community here . My suggestion is to explore the world of self employment. I baked bread sold cookies when business was slow. I sold stuff at the flea market. It is posssible to be self employed with no money all that is required is a table a crowd and a product smile helps too . Have faith a good idea will come .

    If you're Christian, pray. I hear that works. If you're not Christian, I'm assuming you have no family on your side or your husband's side that can help you? Perhaps someone here will know of a state agency who can do something for you. I don't believe there's really any free money out there from the government for a widowed adult with no dependents.

    I am very sorry for your loss.
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