What makes you get up and keep going everyday?

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    (1)A strong urge to keep breathing.
    (2) A strong urge to empty my bladder.
    (3) 3 Cups of coffee.
    Death. If I don't follow my routine, I will die.
    Prescriber drugs
    Dogs get me up family keeps me going.
    My kids and my husband....and last but definitely not least,my faith and love for my Jesus,gotta have it.
    the desire for a better tomorrow... the pay check has nothing to do with it...
    My wife...
    My hubby my kids and my coffee. But today none of those things help... PMS and Nicotine withdrawl won the day.

    I am sorry Jenn hope you overcome today, I completely understand.......
    The cat at 6:00 sharp every morning. Then it is serving the master's wants and needs the rest of the day. What makes you get up and keep going each day?

    well to be truthful with you right now at this point in my life what keeps me going is taking care of and loving Oliver my cat, for I must admit at this point in my life and the way things have been going on for so long he is all that keeps me getting up and going at all......

    That is one of the beauty of pets.
    My alarm clock makes me get up :D
    What keeps me going? the curiosity of finding out what makes me keep going on in life...

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