how do u feed a snake

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    If you need to ask this question, you need to also get rid of the snake-- How did you come by this snake? Of what species?? hey eat anything from small bugs, rodents and upto a person as one case has it in the Amazon.

    Hopefully you have the small bug eater..
    Most I've ever heard is you drop a live mouse into the snake's cage. Snakes do not eat often so find out how often your snake is suppose to eat. This saves a mouse from having to live in terror in the same cage as it's natural predator for weeks on end.
    you dont feed a snake you make food available the snake feeds himself
    Never give a snake thats bred and kept in captivity a live feed,its against the law,not to mention the sheer terror the living animal has to endure before its set upon.Let nature provide their food source in the wild as it does,but hand feeding a pet snake should be done in a humanely way.They can have a variety of foods e.g frozen rats,rabbit,quail,raw chicken,chicken necks and eggs.Give food at room temperature.
    Veeerrry carefully.Seriously tho -- I will ask my nephew.He has several pet pythons.I think he feeds them mainly on mice which he keeps live & some frozen ones.
    Is your name Adam?
    Are you referring to a drain snake? If so, you are trying to clean a drainage and you should take it to the hardware store and ask those folk how to feed it. Try not to get bit.

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