what did you get accomplished today?

    I am so proud of my kids for working so hard with me today. We vaccummed and skimmed the pool, cut the grass, pulled all the weeds, sprayed weed killer, spread pine staw, cleaned the car inside and out and got some pool time and a soft ball game in. The rest of the week we are taking a room at a time and scrubbibg it clean.

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    I took my dog for her walk along the beach then brought her home and gave her a warm water shampoo with Baby Shampoo. Baby Shampoo keeps her coat shiny and I do not have to worry about getting stingy soap in her eyes.

    While we were at the beach I picked up three land mines that my dog "planted" on the beach. In plastic bags of course, and they are bio-degradable bags supplied by local council.

    Very eco aware in Australia.

    Had a mate around for afternoon tea/coffee.

    Sent a couple of emails, hi Colleen, looked at this site and thankfully still breathing.

    about half of what i needed to
    Bought a house and a new motorbike today, and I feel rather accomplished, my hard work is paying off :-)

    Grit Savage

    thank you :-)

    Good for you...congratulations! :-)
    Had what is left of my toy delivered to my shop. To pissed off to do anything else except drink to many beers. Bad headache today.

    Take it good to yourself :-)
    Fixed my sister-in-laws iMac.

    Good man
    That was before breakfsat ! Then what did you do?

    Nope we started at about 12:30.. When it was good and dangerously hot. Tomorrow we are cleaning out under baed, dresser and closets... Dusting vaccuming and and shampooing every corner of our rooms. I wonder if the kids will want to work together on all the bedrooms or on thier own.
    How lucky is your hubby? All the works you mentioned are my duties in my house. My wife hates outside work. She takes care of kitchen. My accomplishment for the day besides usual routines is that I washed a massive pile of dishes in our kitchen sink from yesterday for my wife!..Lol.

    Aww you are so sweet I know she appriciates it.. No my hubby can do repairs I cant quite figure out... He works and I am home during the summer. He doesnt have to stress over the house when he is working so hard. Not to mention I love being outside. Even if it is over 100 degrees.
    Been to the dentist
    And just got online due to a major power fault.
    Not as exciting as a new motorcycle but hey....

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