Do TV Judge shows like Judge Judy pay for lodgeing and/or transportation to their taping?

    If your case is chosen to be taped, is the air fare paid by the show? What about hotel room? They talk alot about the way the judgement is divided, but these folks don't have a lot of money, so I can't see how they pay to fly to CA or NY, etc. Thoughts?

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    "il take a short recess come back and give you my decission"
    Why, you want to go make a fool of yourself for the trip.
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    I have a small claims case against someone who cannot afford to pay the judgement when I win it. If I take him to Judge Judy, the judgement is paid to me from a fund and he can event a small amount of $$. If the trip is paid for HIM, I have friends in CA so I could make it a vacation and still get my $$. I don't beleive I would be thought a fool, as I have no reason to bash him and he signed a promisory note but has never paid a dime. State statutes limit me to $3,000, He owes over $5,000. Just a thought!

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