should someone in their 40's marry someone in their 20's?

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    How did your girlfriend's age change? In the other thread, you said she's 18. Here you say she's in her 20's. Apparently, you are having an issue with the age difference as you're trying to make her older than what she is.

    This is not a relationship. This is you trying to enter into a second childhood.

    LMAO, thanks...
    why not it happens all the time .. seems like it ok for a guy to marry a girl twenty years younger .. but why is wrong for a girl to marry a guy twenty years younger? not in my book... true love is ageless..
    If it's true love why not, hope one is in upper 20's and the other in lower 40's, the closed the age the better the chance you'll have more in common.
    I didn't know that in order to fall in love with someone we have to show ID to check the ages. If you love someone, I hate to break it to you but you are IT. It does not matter, age, skin color, nationality I mean it doesn't matter anything. You fall in love, you screw .... the nice way though
    If they are truly in love. Love knows no boundaries.
    No age barriers on true love.

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