Before anyone here gets offended, listen to my argument.
    With all of Gods creatures alive on this planet this very second, why are they not going to the kingdom of heaven like all the believers are?

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    Headless Man

    Where does it say their not?


    I wonder who "picks up" after them in Heaven if you know what I mean. ;)


    Randy try Isaiah 11; 6-9, 35: 5-7, 65: 17-25


    no doubt animals will roam about in heaven,but i beleive they shall be newly created,as the old earth shall pass away!


    TSC, animals don't poop in heaven. Neither do we.

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    well i would like to belive that all animals go to heaven as some times in our world they say that some humans behave like animals.well i have never known any animal to be as cruel as us humans i do think we are a dispicable they way we treat animals and people
    Louie my cat, died in April, and I know that sneaky critter is waiting to bug me for eternity.

    Awww Ed I for one am so sorry Louie died, he was not being sneaky he loved you and wanted your attention.

    Darci, thumbs up

    It only matters what you believe. That is what religion is all about.

    Well I think the robot might stand a better chance then some people.

    Who really knows though if animals aren't getting in? They have souls too, don't they?


    They have sinless souls.

    Headless Man

    I don't think they have souls but if we are there and want them then they will be.


    Yes, they have souls.And God wouldn't forget them. He created everything.

    Please don't be offended, The vast majority of the population have got it wrong.
    They are completely in the dark and have been kept in the dark by a corrupt teachers.
    You have heard the expression wolves in sheep's clothing no doubt.
    The only Christians going to heaven are the Bride Class and I do not mean Nuns.
    They have a specific calling as Kings, priests, rulers and joint heirs with the Christ
    Most of these ones have already undergone a baptism into death with Christ.
    There are not many men/women who have met these qualifications.

    The vast bulk of the human race are going to live in Paradise right here on the earth after it has been cleansed. Yes there will be dogs cats and all manner of pets for them to take pleasure in

    Now I can give you scripture, but you were a little up tight last time.

    So if you want to know please ask!


    Holy High Hell that's a load. You must think your shit smells like fresh baked cinnamon rolls. It must be tiring to be you all day, basking in the light of the only truth, that only you are privy to.

    The bible speaks of animals in His kingdom. "The lion shall lie down with the sheep."

    I for one expect my beloved Scottish Terrier and Westy to be present with me for eternity.

    My dog had a soul just as yours did, and you and I. There is nothing in scripture that says they won't be with us. If it happens, I would be grateful



    So then you DO believe animals go to heaven? That's what I said and you disagree with me. Make up your mind.

    ""How do you know they are getting in?

    The Lion shall lay down with the Lamb in heaven.

    Food is not necessary for Soul. Only the physical body needs food. The animal Soul has no need for food.

    Darci, thanks for reminding us that the Bible says there are animals in heaven.
    I was hoping they didn't.
    I'm allergic to CATS and HORSES. :(

    So sorry but I am quite sure you do not have to be around them if you wish not to be though not being around animals would not be a happy thought for me at all.....

    so as bart simpson once asked "would a robot with a human brain get into heaven"? ;-)

    There are different realms of heaven. Animals have their own realm but we can easily visit with them there once our time here is finished. I got a thumb down for this answer before. Let's see if it happens again ; )



    Thank you TSC. It could have been a revenge thumbs down. I might have said something somewhere else that they didn't agree with but were unable to give a thumbs down to so they found the one that had a thumbs down option. In that thread, others has said pretty much the same as I had said, yet they did not receive a thumbs down. People should not abuse the vote system but they do.



    I gave you a TU as I think this question is a valid one. It took away the TD that someone gave you.



    Apparently El5z disagrees with us TSC or he/she is just being factious as they've just given my comment a thumbs down, lol Some people are just sad.


    I don't know why you got a TD for it. Its a legitimate question. Some people find it offensive to EVEN THINK of questioning their religion. When they don't have a believable answer. Your answer deserves mt TU. This will make up for the one you lost. ;)



    I've received a few TD myself. Deserved I should add. :(


    Thanks <3 <3 <3

    I am not human (ask my dad) and I am totally getting in (ask anyone)!


    Fishie, Jesus paved the way for you to get to heaven.

    My dad called us, "swine" and is an atheist.

    I completely understand what Jesus did. He just could have spoken a little bit louder to a man who had no problem beating the be-jeebies out of his children. However, I was supposed to see the violence first hand and so I did.

    well to each of you that does not believe animals go to heaven that is probably because you do not own a pet or even have the capacity nor capabilty of loving one.  I will keep believing that my pets will go to heaven just as I wlll.  So you beieve what you want.  

    I do not know about you, but me and Oliver will be in heaven when it is our time.

    Comte I thank you and so does my beloved Oliver......

    i believe they do get to go to heaven, in islam they do, and also in islam, not only humans live in heaven but angels, animals, jinns (invisible creatures made out of smokeless fire) and that's about it . :)

    why wouldn't every imaginable creature be there? Does heaven need to be a conscious-merit earn your way club? Then no animals could be present since animals don't have a conscious mind when decision making. If animals (even bugs) aren't present, then why would any of the other items, like plants, rocks, even light. Heaven then, could be just a conscious re-creation that you interact with on a moment to moment basis. I wouldn't worry about it.


    Because neither men or animals are designed to live in heaven.

    The specially chosen one must become spirits persons like Jesus and the angels. They are a new creation

    Oh boo! That's not true!

    In the book of Genesis, the Lord, when He decided to destroy the world, He said He was bringing a flood to destroy everything that had the breath of life in it.

    What is breath of life? It is the breathing part that makes a thing a living thing. Without the breath in anything, that thing is dead.

    Don't ever let anyone tell you that your beloved pets will not be in Heaven. God gave them life and as long as they breath the breath of life, until there is no breath in them, they are part of the life that God created and gave both breath and life to.

    Only humans? - What a selfish people!

    Your sister,

    Did you not answer your own question with "why are they not going to the kingdom of heaven like all the believers are?"
    Since when did animals believe in God? Or have any concept of "Him," religion, or any other higher cognitive thought? Besides, God may be very angry at animals given all of the killing, stealing, eating their young, raping, etc. that they do to each other... The "animals"! We wouldn't get into Heaven if we did what they do.
    What are you really wanting to know? You are desperately searching for something, having given this so much thought....

    John 3:13 says - "No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven.

    Acts 2:29 says - Let me speak to you freely of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried and his tomb is with us this day. verse 34 - For David did not ascend into the heavens...

    Mat 5:5 says - The meek shall inherit the earth.

    Rev 5:10 says - And have made us kings and priests to our God; and we shall reign on the earth.



    Well since I do not agree with any of this, should I give it a thumbs down like you did mine?

    Animals are creatures of God and have a soul. They WILL go to their spot in heaven.


    Solid biblical references, based on personal belief, and the bulldog has to goad the member because of a TD, probably given because the answer was so contentious to the members beliefs.

    cats are just little hairy people

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