I would like to say a Big Thank You for every one who commented on Henry and said preyers

    my preyers have been answered as when I posted this he was quite poorley tnen by Sunday night he really picked up we took him to the vet and he could not belive he was so much better its all your preyers thank you All

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    he didn't want to leave yet, glad he's better!

    Thanks Bevs he still with us I still think it was collective preyers from every one thank you again he is nearly back to old selve again and he is eating and drinking all the vet gave him was 1/4 of a tablet per day of antisickness tablet thank you again x
    Glad that things are better!

    Thanks Ninnet he is not out of the woods as yet as he is too old to make a recovery but for the time being he is alot like he old selve at least he is eating and moving before that he was hideing under bed and not coming out and not eating its a miracle its everyones preyers thank you mel

    Hang in there and keep the faith my friend!

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