What if the being who created everything was an artist and decided to paint over everything?

    Sorry for the two post. I couldn't see it posted because stupid, was on the second page!

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    well....i'll thank him/her for creating ice-cream, except nowadays you can't eat it without being called gay :( i wish i can go back to being a child :)

    My answer would be "Don't include me in your next Fu*** up art"

    Have enough of my first existence already..

    What? I never heard such a thing as being called gay for eating ice cream. Why must people use gay as an insulting term? Pinheads.

    That's a new one. I have never heard anyone being called gay because they eat icecream. He could always hide behind the kitchen door and eat it.

    yep , their Pinheads :)

    Hehe, Hide behind the kitchen and eat it, lol.

    I was sitting in the campus park, took my ice-cream cone out and a dude passed by and said 'gay' and went away. I laughed though, i don't know why :) Never ate it outside no more :(
    it's good to see some real. double helix
    things were different "back then" i agree.
    i was raised in a tiny mountain town where the air was fresh, the water was pure, and people cared.

    i'll bet that's true about ice cream ... being how it is and all. : ((
    he/she would have to get out the paints and the stereo and start all over again.

    Remember, it has to paint in the stereo too.
    If so, could I be green next time? I like green...purple hair, having hair would be nice...

    It would be interesting. I'd like to have permanent red lips.
    I would get all the colours of the rainbow and throw it over everything.

    It would look nice.

    I am not a 100% sure that something like that is not how our creator did his work in the first place.

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