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    I know that this is not a question but my cat was very ill and I had to put him to sleep today. I'm feeling very depressed because my mom called him my little brother. He was a part of my family and I will miss him. A friendlier, sweeter kitty you couldn't have found anywhere on this earth. His name was Cyrano (my mom's name for him) Bones (the name I gave him because when he was a kitten he had a protruding rib bone). R.I.P. CB.

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    (((Ms S))) my condolences. It's one of the hardest things in life to get through. I believe you will see him again. I hope you can believe the same thing, if not, then hold fast to the memories of him and know you gave him a wonderful life. RIP CB
    Ms Sinclair

    Thanks Colleen. I hope I will see him again someday.
    ed shank

    Sorry to hear about your cat. I lost mine recently as well. Give it time and decide if you want another.
    Sorry to hear this, I know how the death of a pet can be hard to get over, and yes I believe your animals will be in heaven.
    Ms Sin sorry to hear about the lost of your kitty. R.I.P. CB!!!
    So sorry Ms.S., I miss my buddy everyday, I lost him three years ago and sometimes when I think about him my eyes still water, but It has gotten easier with time. I hope you will cheer up soon, you have many friends here who care, I hope that gives you some comfort...Hope you see him in heaven someday...
    Ms S. sorry to hear that. As I told one other person on here today, imagine him going to a place where there are lots of other cats who've been waiting for him to play with them, doing all the goofy things cats love to do.
    Ms Sinclair

    In that case I hope he is playing with Sandy Fluffy, Naughty, Smokey, and Loco (our other cats that passed away).
    Aww baby I am so sorry. You are not alne there are many animal lovers on this site. We know that Bones was part of your family... Thank you for loving him with all of your heart... He had a wonderful life and you were made a more special person because of the time you had together.
    Ms Sinclair, I'm so sorry to hear. I remember when I was a kid, I grew up with a white Maltese. In one beautiful Spring afternoon, I found her sleeping on our porch peacefully. I tried to wake her up as I wanted to play with her and she never did. I and my brother buried her on our front yard and made a cross with tree branches and put it on her tomb. I still remember clearly the moment I found her dead and how I felt. Just wanted to share with you..
    I'd like to thank all of you for your kind words. It made a very hard day just a little bit easier. Thumbs up to you all.

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