Do you think Israel or any country is wrong for protecting their borders? Why doesn't the U.S. protect it's borders?

    How does your country protect it's borders?

    Is there a difference between Israel protecting their borders than any other country, if so, how?

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    Leeroy, Great question because great questions generate a bunch of "yeah,but "s . I'll deal with the first part - "Do you think Israel or any country is wrong for protecting their borders?"

    The simple and obvious answer would be no, of course. However (first yeah,but) the Israeli situation is very different from the American or most any other country for that matter with respect to border security.
    The Middle East Mess has existed forever,it seems. Now, I am neither pro or anti Israeli or Palestinian. There is enough blame to go around to both parties. In fact, we can assign blame on most of the neighboring states as well as the USA due to its historic very partial allegiance with Israel.
    If we begin with Israel's creation following WW2, it is understandable to be sympathetic with the Palestinian cause. They were expelled (expropriated) from their very homes to make way for the new Israeli nation. We can go back and forth with who started what first but the tit for tat argument will never end so I'll skip right to the recent killing of 23 unarmed Palestinian protesters.
    This is a no-win situation for Israel. If they do nothing, they risk encouraging future border intrusions with potentially more dangerous motives. If they shoot away, they are accused of murdering innocent unarmed civilians.

    Perhaps this thread will spur a full blown discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There's lots to talk about.
    Well one of the strangest things is that the Bible did predict the establishment of Israel as a nation once again in the end times. Never has this happened in any nations history, where a country is wiped out, the people are scattered, and then miraculously the people become a nation once again.

    Throughout the world history this has never happened, yet the Bible predicted it and it has happened, what an amazing thing and still more proof that the Bible is God's word.

    Back to the subject though, there wasn't much going on in that tiny piece of land when the U.N. gave the land back to the Jews. Once the Jews returned to their homeland, they are the ones that rebuilt the area and turned it into a country. I believe the backlash of the Palestinians is due to the fact that they hate the Jews.

    There can be no resolve on this dispute until the Arabs admit that Israel has the right to exist, which none of them will agree with this as of yet.
    Maybe if the government isn't going to do it in Arizona, Texas, California, or New Mexico, people will volunteer for it? Like a neighborhood watch program?

    Something should be done!

    I reckon.
    i been following this a bit on the news as well if obama had his way israel would not have as much to protect.. why is he more concerned about a country in which he governs not. instead of the country in which he took an oath
    Haa, haa, haa. Australia does not protect it's borders. Now, the poor little, so-called refugees are going to sue our Government for locking them up. Past and present refs. are going to do it. They get free meals, they do not have to cook. They have computers and don't have to pay. Their kids are getting an education. When they get out of the camp, they are given tax-payers money until they get a job, if they get one at all. If I was the Prime Minister, I'd shoot all of them out of the water. Then none would come here and create enclaves. in sydney we can now play, spot the Anglo. We have never had refugees like this before.
    Grit Savage

    mate, its all the others coming of the planes you should worry about! there are 1000s of them.
    but you are right about Sydney, there are a few aussie enclaves dotted about, I even spotted chinese street signs in chatswood the other day! wtf. ;-)

    Streuth. What is Australia coming to? I have never believed in mult-culturalism.
    I think Israel has every right to protect it's boarders and we should support them.
    Personally I believe Israel or any other country has the right to protect their borders. Maybe most of them aren't very good at it, but they do have the right.


    i think we could learn a lot from israel as far as security

    I also agree that we could learn a lot from them as far as security goes. For such a small country and all that they are up against...they've learned to be very innovative in times of need. Have you ever gone through a border patrol checkpoint here in the States where they ask you if you are a U.S. citizen? It is pathetically sad...they don't even ask for identification for even a minimal verification of citizenship. It really makes you wonder what genius thought that process up...and what is it really accomplishing?

    Good point Daren, you too Shootah.
    I don't know how many people are news hounds here, but sometimes when I see an interesting story in the news, I'll read up on it and then post a question here, sometimes they don't seem to get much response though? Is this question interesting to you? Or does it bite?

    Oh, it's interesting.
    ed shank

    TU on the question.
    its impossible to protect ones borders 100% invaribly some will get thru
    Israel does protect their borders, and they still get shelled daily. Unfortunately, the more a country tries to protect its freedoms, the more others will try to tear them down.
    To your first question, no; and probably because we're the land of the free and give refuge to many people who want to come here, although I think we should have better control of our borders for our own protection.
    I would like to see people just volunteer to help build a wall and to patrol the border. We need to build a giant hi-tech wall to stop the drugs and unwanted criminals from crossing the border.

    I mean concrete trucks have extra concrete at the end of their routes, they just waste it, why not put this free concrete into building a border wall? There are many creative ways we could get this done, but here is another thing no one is doing anything about.. Or they aren't doing enough, that for sure.
    Well being I am from Canada...neighbour to the U.S.A....I too am suprised that your not lining the boarder with firearms to keep crazies out like;)I can see in countries like Israel where war on their home grounds is common, they should be protecting their boarders.

    Mom, I don't live far from your border, so I've blown up and copied your avatar and posted it on the refrigerator. So I'm ready when you try to sneak in! Beware! :o)

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    our country is too big to completely protect its borders. if you calculate the length of our borders, then you will realize that it is not economically possible to protect every mile of our borders. no administration can comletely do this. mexico, canada, atlantic and pacific coasts and gulf coasts- impossible to protect, how many illegals come in on the container ships?
    I have nothing creative or insightful to say. Just "damn".
    Loved your question leeroy and your comments! Some real good answers here too. I just wanted to say I agree wholeheartedly that the US should protect it's borders if possible. Especially where all the illegals are making their way here! Chicago is inundated with them....sure is not the same place I grew up in....most will NOT learn to speak English, they drive here with no license, no insurance and breed like rabbits! Oh how I could go on but will spare you all! (: P.S. They are also sucking up all our social services and making it difficult for born and bred US citizens to be able to get assistance for themselves and/or their families! Go figure!

    Thanks Hipster, hope you are feeling better.

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