What do you think about Texans rebelling against the TSA pat downs at the airport?

    They don't want their children patted down or their elderly patted down. They say we should only pat down people who fit into a certain category of being a possible terrorist.

    They don't want the p.c. movement involved in airport security. What do you think?

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    I don't blame them we should maybe follow Israels procedures on this, they are the leading terror experts.

    Everyone wants to be safe but nobody wants to give up a little freedom for it. I wonder how those on the planes would have felt about it just before crashing on that September 11th? I'll let them pat me down anytime they feel necessary.

    They can pat me down all they want.. But they can not violate my children.. We teach them about letting ppl touch thier bodies in inappropriate ways and tell them it is wrong... We tell them we will protect them... I would "lose my shit" if someone touched my kid.

    I care about my right to privacy. I'm not a criminal and I do not expect to be treated as one. I have self pride and self respect and no lying government is going to take that from me. Terrorist my a$$. They are using the idea of terrorist to control and manipulate. Wake up!

    I assure you that I am awake. Let it suffice that we will not agree on the subject.
    I mentioned this in another thread, actually two other threads....I say GOOD FOR THEM!!! GO TEXAS!!! 6 other states are now deciding if they will do the same. This is the beginning of the uprising against this criminal government we've been suffering under. It's time the citizens of the USA took their country back from the greedy rich and the huge corporations. I grew up in NH who's motto is, DON'T TREAD ON ME! Those words always meant so much to me and I just knew I would use them at some point in my Obama and his administration who are threatening Texas over this, I say to you......DON'T TREAD ON US!! Obama may not have American pride but the people of this nation do! Remove the foreigner from the oval office by force if we must! STAND UP AMERICA AND FIGHT GOVERNMENT CONTROL AND GET OUR FREEDOMS BACK!! REINSTATE THE US CONSTITUTION AND GIVE IT BACK IT'S POWER OVER THE GOVERNMENT!
    well its great theology.. yes we all want to protect the inosince of our youth .. but what about proctecting our country. if proctetion means patting down a little guy so be it.. theres without a doubt a fine line between violation of a minor and violition of civil rights. perhaps those that work for tsa need more instruction in the areas they commmand
    My grandmother may have welcomed a pat down. But to fondle young children in front of their parents is taking this too far. I say good for Texas. Profiling for security on planes is OK as far as I'm concerned. If the hijackers were 6 foot 6 inch Swedes, with blond hair and blue eyes I would expect every person fitting that description to be searched. Don't want to be felt up? Don't fly.
    If someone touched my child it would be the last thing they ever did... If the traveler knows ahead of time that this is proceedure I think they should travel another way.. Until the TSA get its head out of its ass.
    I get "patted" down at every airport due to back and neck rods and a knee replacement. They are always very respectful and tell you the process as they go along. As far as children and elderly being patted down. I would be right there with my child. Their privates are not touched - nothing like that. I don't really like the fact that it may be racially motivated or stereotypical, but so be it. It is no big deal and a small sacrifice to pay to be able see my grandchildren, go to Vegas, Italy, etc.


    I like my freedoms. Sorry you don't like yours. No one has a right to put his/her hands on you unless you're being arrested! This whole Homeland Security act is one huge government scam designed to take away basic rights of the people and to limit our freedoms. It's also to find out just how many sheeple are willing to fall into their lies and just believe them. This has nothing to do with terrorists! When was the last time you saw anything on the news about terrorist being found in our airports or trains or subways? The terrorists are the members of your own government, starting with the president! I prefer to keep my rights, thank you! Go Texas and any other state that joins in on the fight against this absolute abuse of power by the government!

    Colleen, I love my freedom. My Husband and I both joined the military to protect all of our freedoms. I'm disenchanted with the government and don't follow it like I should.

    I appreciate your comment.
    ed shank

    I agree with most of what you've said, however we did get the shoe bomber, and the guy with the dynamite strapped to his nuts or whatever it was. I don't think as many people would fly today if there were no security measures at airports. I agree, there should be no reason to touch anyone with today's technology.

    But they were individual nutcases, not a radical mob with thousands of followers. We're going to get nutcases like that. Just like the guy who gunned down all those people, the 6 year old included when he was going after that congress woman. Sorry, can't think of names right now and don't feel like googling. The fact is, there are better ways. Bomb sniffing dogs near a child can alert to an explosive or anything illegal really that may be hidden on a child. There's just better ways to protect this country than to make it's civilians subject to illegal searches and to lose their rights and freedoms. More planes fall out of the sky and kill people than are hijacked and brought down by terrorists.

    Yvonne, my heartfelt thanks and respect to both you and your husband for your service to this country.


    Ed, I think that more people would actually be flying today if less invasive security was at the airports. I don't think people stopped flying because of fear of terrorist, the people of the USA are tougher than that. I think people stopped flying because they are defending their right to privacy and all the airlines have taken a hit because of it. People who still fly are being punished 3 ways. They've lost their right to privacy, they are subject to the same bodily search criminals endure and they pay 2-3X more for a ticket to make up for those who refuse to fly while airports remain in a prison state (state as in way of being). I myself am one of those people refusing to fly. I know many others who are refusing to fly also and it's all about telling the government, F.U., you are the terrorist!
    Good on them. If I lived in the US, I'd move to Texas. I think it's disgusting. If someone grabbed me by the crotch or bared my breasts in public, I'd grab their crotch. See how they'd like it. On second thoughts, they'd most likely love it.

    I read that they don't do anything to the ragheads as they pass through.
    I think it may become a movement around the country, once something happens in one state here it seems to spread. Get it spread?

    Anyway, I think many people are getting sick and tired of being treated like a criminal when they are just ordinary people. I think it will be interesting to see what happens in the news with this story.

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