I have to have my cat henry put to sleep tomorrow I hate playing God

    on Friday we took him to the Vet and he said if he is no better by Monday will have to be put to sleep he is 17 years old I know he has had a good life and I know nothing lives for ever we have called him the Buda cat he has always been so gentle wih every creature he has come incontact with and I dont like playing God

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    Ms Sinclair

    Hi melandrupert. I haven't looked at this question for awhile and I was just wondering how Henry is doing.

    thank you Ms Sinclair for your concern and did post something to say thank you for every one who said a preyer for Henry as when I went to the Vet on the Monday he was so much better it was like a mirical My Husband said it was collective preyers and even the Vet couldnt beleve how well he was he now on 1 tablet per day and he is back to his old self we do know one day he will go but for the time being he is enjoying his summer thank you again for your concern x
    Ms Sinclair

    Glad to hear it.

    Thankyou for your comment

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    we've lost several cats ourselves (my wife and i ) i feel your pain its not easy..the best way we found to get over it was by getting a new kitty.. amazing how a new cat quickly becomes part of the family

    thank you Daren we have her name is Pheobe and she is a norweigen forest cat and is adorable we got her for our Oscar who rescued from abusive child and is adorable and they are a pair made in heaven thanks mel

    try not to be sad it all part of gods plan one life is taken and a new one is given
    We havce lost (passesed away) two pets in the last 7 mo. I am sorry very sorry you had to make that decission.. It was terribly hard for us too. We all know the love you had for him... it shows through your kind words....

    thanks Jenn for you comment these words everyone is saying are comforting
    I know this is an Extremely tough decision to make. God gave you the opportunity to care for Henry all of these years. You have done a good job, and now there is one more caring step to take for him. Try to picture letting him go to a place where there are lots of other cats who are waiting for him to play with them.


    I have already said that all his brothers and sisters 9 of them,are waiting for him on that golden bridge and he wont be any more pain and its a happy place I know it sounds silly to alot of people who just say its just a cat to me every animal in my life have always been my child and thank you for a lovely comment Melanie
    wow, sorry to hear that. I hope he'll be better by monday and you won't have to do that. But if he didn't make it, then may god be with you and give you the strength for it, it's life, doctors have to put humans to sleep, imagine that. I have a cat also, so i know your love for it. keep strong and pray for his health, miracles do happen :)

    Thank you for you comments it is henry kidneys that are failing yes I am praying and asking if his time is up then can he go to night in his sleep it is me I am a coward when it comes to animals i love them so much I cant even kill a fly I do my best to shoo it out of the house thank you again mel

    My prayers go with you, i love animals as well and cannot kill them in any occasion. your not a coward, your just too gentle with nature, which is a great thing :) I hope if he's time is up that god would take his life when he's asleep naturally as well. take care

    thank you for your comment and the preyer mel
    I'm sorry you're going through this, it's so tough, but you're not playing God, you're helping your beloved pet go peacefully. After watching our "Maggie", try to walk around with a big tumor on her neck, after she had surgery it came back, we decided it was more humane to let her go. Hang in there, you'll be okay, know how you feel..

    thank you for your kind comment bevs take care mel
    I?m so sorry. I had a cat who I had to put to sleep. I hope you can heal quickly. WE are not God. We have to do what we have to do.



    thank you jinxett yes your right we are not God but I feel I am choosing his death and I wish it wasnt me!
    I know I am being selvish and I must put him before my feelings thak you again Mel
    Wishing you strength, courage and peace at this sad time.

    thank you for thinking of me
    My cat Louie died in April, I couldn't put my "fuzzy buddy" down, he finally died one evening as I was petting him. I'm so glad I didn't listen to the vet. I buried him under his favorite bench on the property.

    Ah bless all our animals are laid to rest in our garden I know it sounds stupid I go out every day in the garden so i can be near them I do hope they have gone to heven by then but it makes me feel better thanks ed

    I know how you were feeling ed, I've been there a few times over. But was it really fair to ask Louie to keep living in pain. It's a tough decision, but one that is for each individual to ponder and decide upon. You made the decision that was right for you, the one you could live with. I hope you will be spared at having to make that decision again.
    Well cat's do live longer than dogs, I suppose we're lucky to have them around as our companions for as long as we get them. Nothing can ever replace the loss of a loved one, weather furry or human, sorry for you loss I understand where you are coming from. I lost one of my best pets ever about 3 years ago, I still think about him every day, hope it gets easier for you with time...

    thank you leeroy

    Not a problem at all, my pleasure. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Wishing you peace and love as a member of your family goes on before you.

    thank you flip mel
    You and Henry will be in my prayers Mel. I know all too well how this feels, it hurts you through and through. We both know that Henry deserves to be pain free because he is such a wonderful kitty. Do not look at it like you are playing God, only that you want the best for him at this time. I am sure he will thank you for it. Remember you are releasing him to God, where nothing will ever hurt him again. God bless you and little Henry.

    thanks 6dogs yes I like that idea that I am releasing him to God and I know he has brought so much joy into evey one he met he is and always be my Buda cat he loved everyone thanks mel
    Melandrupert. I will be thinking of you and Henry today. I know my best friend Sailor is waiting at the gates of Heaven for your Henry. I put Sailor to sleep a few years ago and the pain still runs deep. I am crying as I write this. God Bless you. He has blessed Henry by giving him to you for all these years. Please let us know your decision. I still have sailor's ashes and will be tossed to sea with them when I die.

    dear Yvonne57 thank you for your concern and I loved what you said about Sailor I am pleased to say he has had a repreve please my comment umbreil and 6dogs but a big thank you again you must be a caring person as i understand how you feel when its about Animals I hope your Sailor is with my gang of 10 I am sure they are very happy god bless you and Sailor mel x

    Thank God that Henry is still with you. The old Bugger might be around alot longer than you think. Just take it a day at a time.

    Ms. Sinclair had to put her cat Bones down yesterday so I know all of us will be thinking about Bones and Ms Sinclair now too.

    Thank you Yvonne and I am thinking about poor bones bless them all
    I feel for you and I am sorry for the pain this is creating in your heart as well as all your family members. I put my dog down six moth ago after 12 years of living with us and it was horrible the pain that it created in all of us. We still feel the emptiness in our hearts and some of us cry when see photos or what have you, but I guess that it is the price of living. Once again, be strong and God bless you for been so caring for the four legs.

    yes Varon the pain is underscrible it hurts so much I do hope things are better with you now and thank you for your kind words mel x

    melandrupert , I know to day its the day you are putting down Henry. Once again, be strong and my prayers and thoughts will be with you today. And remember, everything will be ok, it would just take time. Let it runs its curse. Stay strong
    Don't do it!! If it is for convenience, for Heaven sake, don't! If he is ill stay with him and confort him. I have done this and not felt guilty. I have held my dog when she died naturally. It is like murder to kill just because a vet said it is the "best" thing. I would not do it again---gave in past. Sorry and guilt follow me. I want their forgiveness and don't deserve it. You wil regret it. Believe me!!!!
    i feel sad for you. i've been in your place. my cat got too fat and the fat made her unhealthy. it was my fault. i had her put to sleep about seven years ago but i can still see her waddling down the hall ...
    you will recover but you'll never forget. it's time for your kitty to leave.

    it was difficult to write this post.

    thanks itsmee yes it was difficult to write this post but it was worth it as I have such lovely thought from everyone including you thank you again its shame that everyone has gone through this its so much pain but the years with Henry have been worth it x
    I had to do the same thing with my cat Bones yesterday so I can sympathize. I stayed with him and petted him, told him he was always such a good boy and that I loved him. They asked me if I wanted to be there when they put him to sleep but I couldn't bear to watch that so I kissed him on his head and left. It was a very hard thing to do. Several people saw that I was troubled about something but I couldn't say anything because I would have started crying in public and I really just wanted to get home before expressing my grief. The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that he was suffering and they drugged him first to alleviate his pain. He died more peacefully than he would have if he had remained at home to die. It's probably the same with your cat. I'm sorry for your loss.

    OH, I'm so sorry about Bones. It takes a while to get used to coming home without him being there. It's OK to cry - and if people talk about Bones, cry and tell them about him - it will relieve your pain.


    thank you for your feed back Ms Sinclaire and i am truly sorry for your loss its one of the hardest thaings to do he has got a lot better over the weekend I think its all the preyers everyone has given him and me we no one day he will go as there no cure but until it flares up again we have him for bit longer and the vet ensures me that he is no pain what so ever thank you again Mel x
    Ms Sinclair

    I'm glad to hear that. I hope he hangs in there for a long time. I'll say a silent prayer for Henry too.

    Thankyou so much Ms Sinclair every preyer counts thank you once again x
    My heart goes out to you and i know how you feel My cat had kidney diseease too. However I choose to let her die at home. I buried her under her favorite tree.What I was doing for her could not have been done by anyone else. It was a gift.Losing your Pet is never easy. God bless.

    thank you Ann I am glad your cat is near you thank again mel
    that's sad, but God won't be mad at you for doing it. He doesn't want the animal to suffer anymore than you do . Would you feel better if somebody a friend or relative .... took your cat to the vet for you ?
    had to do the same with my best friend. this is him...

    I look at it this way...your pet has had so many wonderful years and has been loved by you like no one else could love it. I made the decision to be with my pet in the vet's office when he got to old to make it any longer. It was hard, very hard to do, but I couldn't leave the little feller all scared, not having his Mama to hold him and be with him. I calmed him down and he was okay. A little yawn at the end, he shut his eyes and went to sleep. That was around 15 years ago, and I, too, still cry over Alex who was a toy poodle and my baby all the way to the end. Even though a day does not go by without me thinking of him, every thing is going to be alright. I pray God will let me be with all my pets when I go to heaven and I believe He will. God Bless.

    To everyone who wrote about their precious pet passing away...I pray for you. Perhaps I was wrong to not keep little Alex with me until the end, however I did what I thought was best. The same as you. Not one of us would have made a decision that would be unsatisfactory to the little pet. I, too, cry often as I did when I read all of your comments and answers above. My heart just breaks for you and I wish I could make the pain go away, but as we all know God is the only one in control. I believe that our pets were so very special that God wanted them in Heaven with Him until we also go to Heaven and see them waiting for us. If my little Alex had to go, I'm glad God thought he was that special and I certainly did too! By the way, there is another precious little one waiting somewhere for a "forever home" and we are the type people to love and let another pet live a wonderful life with us in our homes. They will appreciate it! It's worth all you have to go through to make this next pet happy and know it is loved more than words can say. If we don't do it, who will?


    Thank you Tilley for you kind words yes I have had many cats put to sleep due to liver cancer brain tumor ect it si one of the hardest things to go through yes I do belive that they do go to heaven god bless them all and you melx

    My furry little girl, D.C., died in my arms tonight. She was very sick with lung cancer. She was 18 years old. I fed her 3-4 times a day by hand for the past several weeks. It was never a bother in the least. She showed me many years of unconditional love. I would not have her put to sleep. I held her every day telling her how much I loved her right up to her very last moment. She looked at me and I knew at that very moment it was over. Her little heart gave out. I held her and cried my eyes out. She was not just a pet, she was my little girl. I'm going to miss her forever. We had a bond that I've never had with a human, totally unconditional. I buried her in the front yard this evening between two shade trees. I'm having a difficult time right now dealing with it. But I know time will heal. But I'll never forget my little friend. I know not everyone can handle taking care of a sick animal until the end. But I'm so glad that I did. We had those last few weeks together, and that very last look she gave me before she passed, I'll never forget. In those eyes I could see the love and the thanks for taking care of her. I'm going to miss my furry little girl. I Love You D.C. One day I hope to see you again. (Please do not have the Vet put your animals to sleep. Let them pass where they are most comfortable, at home).

    hank you R.C I am so sorry for your loss and I have been there so many times before sorry I did not get back to you some how I never got any notification that you had made a comment we have always had the Vet come to the house to put them to sleep as you say where they are most comfortable thank you for your comment R.C.
    I remember when I had to put my dog down and what someone did for me. I come from a small town and on the same day there had been a car accident and a family was killed. This someone let me talk about my families loss and didn't say any thing to make me feel that it was less...

    thank you for your comment yes I do know where your coming from thank you again
    If you are playing "god", heal it! ;-)

    thank you Gritt for your comment and I am sorry I that I did not get back to you sooner I was never informed that you had answered my question thats 2 on this page now ok thanks again

    oh my gosh that is so sad i had to put my cat mufasa to sleep because she had cancer in her left hind leg i hope your cat gets better


    This was really cruel of you to do eggbert. Why would you remind someone of a loss that was very painful to them a year later? GROW UP YOU DWEEB! Go seek help you ridiculous little person.

    That was a year ago.

    It's eggbert being a jerk again.

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