Is a Scot a Pom?

    Question for Antipodeans. I was born in Scotland of a Scottish mother and English father, so am I a Pom?

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    no, a pom is an englishman, you are scottish with an english father

    Other words a Pommette.. :)

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    I am British, Scottish, a bit of French and do I dare say this ... IRISH! ... who cares.


    Funny fish girl you have said dare I say it a bit like me. Great that your parents are so in love - as you say who cares.Must say I like the bit of French bit.

    The French part gives me flair!... in a silent but artistic way.........the Irish part lets me laugh like he!l. (Hell)... am I going to get kicked off for a week? Shoot!
    my partner is a scot,and being scottish she has no love loss for poms===poms are the english. POME---- PRISONER OF MOTHER ENGLAND

    Poms are either:
    1. prisoner of Mother England
    2. prisoner of Millbank ( notorious 19c prison from where many prisoners were sent to Oz)
    3. The appearance of new immigrants to Oz because their sunburned faces resembled pomegranates.

    Regardless - I love the Scots - I have enough reason to do so but there sure are some Scots clowns in both Parliaments.
    the sun never sets on england

    Think you got that wrong daren. The saying was "The sun never sets on the British Empire" Which of course when there was a British Empire, no matter where the sun was shining there was a British country.
    Sadly, maybe, there is now the British Commonwealth of Nations.

    i guess us yanks cant get any thing right.. except the right side of the street to drive on...
    If you want to start a blue call a Scott a pommie.
    You are Scottish , be proud of it.
    You are wherever you were born irrespective of parents nationality.

    Not true - if you are born in China - you are not a chinaman. Although this nationality thing is difficult had a boyfriend who was a Scot but had a dual passport Scot/Canadian.Oh boy this is getting complicated.Who cares just mix it all up. Wonder what you are if born on a ship in the Atlantic - do not get funny.

    Dopey if you are born in a foriegn country you are a national of that country. So if you are born in China you are a Chinese National of foriegn parents. Dual citizenship has nothing to do with yopu being born in a particular country per se, it is to do with country of birth and country of parents birth. Born in USA to English parents you can apply for USA and English nationality. Born on a ship in the Pacific you are the nationality of the country of origin (registration) of the ship. Your parents are say USA citizens and you are born on a ship at sea registered in Denmark you are Danish.

    My Dad was a Scot and would you believe my Mother was Irish - Oh my such a hybrid - and so celtic. My understanding is that we take our Nationality from our Father or perhaps it is both parents, unlike the Jewish faith where it has to be the Mother who is Jewish for the children to be called Jewish i.e. you always know who the Mother is in relation to the child . However, the word pom does relate to the English - I was born in London and the Aussies in Earl's Court used to call us poms in the 60's. 


    I suppose so. My family are from Yorkshire and Scotland and we live in Australia. Everybody is mixed these days.
    what makes you think the Irish hate you? What are you?
    Thank goodness I'm Irish.

    arryoudin are you a klans man or born again nazi, you give the impression that you hate everyone!
    @ Bulletman, true there is no love lost between the English and the scotts, so why do so many scotts insist on living in England? the same cannot be said for Englishmen living in scotland?

    We Scots drink so much because we have been oppressed for centuries by the English

    My Stepmother is Scottish and my Father is British and they are crazy in love.

    The Scots are known for their travelling - you will find them everywhere. My Dad and Uncle travelled the world but then again they were in the Navy. The Scots most definately travel and migrate a lot they are well known for this. How did Nova Scotia get it's name?

    nova scotia-- ask the Vikings.

    Nova Scotia is beautiful. It barely has an economy that can support human life forms but, beautiful non the less.
    Sweaty sock= Jock!

    I only heard this expression not so long ago -
    definiteley not.

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