What are teachers attitude

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    What's with kids attitudes?

    with the broken educational system
    Headless Man

    My wife is a substitute teacher and she can make the kids be better than most the full timers.

    I'm glad to hear your wife is among the great teachers :-)
    Teachers feels stressed and frustrated!
    If teachers would get paid what they're worth for putting up with all of us crazy brats, I'm sure it would be better.

    Try being nice to your teachers and respecting them and see how much better their attitudes will be. Some are just beyond repair and should get a job at the DMV, but you would be surprised how far a little kindness will go with teachers.
    I taught at a high school level for several years. I really did love my job at the beginning. But the kids got nuttier, discipline became non-existent. I gave it up when I started to feel like throwing them out of a window. I still have contact with several teachers who still work there. They "all" wish they got out years ago. The pay was good, benefits were great and all had families to support, so the stuck it out. No regrets here.
    They should always remain Calm and be patient :) not use vulgar words even when they are frustrated, they can scream though, i think, well, the screaming didn't work on us, rarely anyway. Been patient is the answer, add screaming too :D

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