Are you a morning person or a night person?

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    I with the night people, I was born at night and have been a night person my entire life, I can train myself to be a morning person by waking up at a certain time every morning, but it's just a facade, I'm just a night person in disguise.


    Maybe, just maybe, you were a vampire in your last birth.

    Maybe that's why I love V-8 so much, it reminds me of blood?
    a morning person im allways mourning over somthing

    Have a cup of tea.
    Night person. Ever since I was a baby. I feel most awake after 4pm and do not get sleepy till about 5 or 6 am. I typically go to bed at 6am and get up at around 10 am since retiring 6 yrs ago.

    you only need 4 hours of sleep a day? Wow - that dserves a thumbs up. Wish I could be one too.

    I'm a 11:00 am to midnight person. I need lots of sleep. Especially during my depressive states.

    As a child I drove my mother nuts because I didn't sleep or nap unless it was morning, when all others were getting up.
    I'am a night person,more so since i've been out of work for almost a year now.I stay up till around 4AM,might be a bad thing when i do find work,probaby be a day job.I've had both day and night jobs,i prefer the night shift

    The night shift pays better too.

    Yes it does.
    Night person,mornings never liked me,I always have to fight myself to wake up in the A.M.

    Maybe you forgot to say your prayers.

    Not me....but I know you didn't say yours.
    I'm a morining glory. I rise around 6:00 AM. And to make you all sick, I leap out of bed.
    Night guy.
    I'm a night person but my wife is a morning

    How about your head?
    Headless Man

    It just looks helpless?
    Nightime. Its now 01.10AM in the UK as I type in bed. My wife is watching the TV & we both have a hot cup of tea. Bliss!
    NIGHT person :D
    I am with the night people. Truly wake up about 4PM. Just muddle through the day from 8AM until 4PM.
    cant stand them people who get up at 6am and go running along the beach. I wish it was leagel to shoot them. I much prefear the people like me who walk aiong the beach in thea eveaning and have time to stop and chat get to know each other. pleas excuse the spelling as I've just come up from the beach

    I live near the beach, but I don't go running along it early in the morning. When I was a teenager, however, I used to swim a few laps at 5:00 AM in the morning. How's that grab you?
    Im nite Owl, and worked nites for 25 yrs.
    Wow, there sure seems to be a lot more night people here. I wonder if we count this as a poll what the percentage will be, at least two to one?
    Definitely I am a morning person. I wake up very easy and cannot wait to go out and enjoy the day at its fullest.
    Can be both, but definitely night by nature! Absolutely love a morning nap!!!
    I am a night person... but force myself to be a chipper little chicadee in the morning so my kids get off to school in a good mood.. I go into thier rooms singing "good morning, good morning, how are you this morning; its a bright and shiny day... Good morning, good morning how are you this morning... wont you come and play." I have done this since they were in cribs. Now one is in High schol and one is going into middle school. i also cook breakfast most mornings.. My poor kids are going to be nuts.

    If I were your kid and you came in singing at me, I'd throw....something at you. LOL

    My son pulls the cover over his head and says "Mom.... no... turn off the light". But if I dont do it for a couple of days they ask what is wrong with me...
    ed shank

    My mother would come into my room with a sixty horsepower Kirby vacuum cleaner, 500 decibels, screaming, GET UP NOW. I wake up my wife every morning by wiggling her big toe, gently mind you, remembering what it was like being screamed out of bed.
    Gee I don't know,can you help me here??morning,afternoon,night,??
    God to see you back on board Colleen

    Thanks loafhead. I've been back for a couple of weeks now :)

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