will justin beiber die

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    14 Answers

    DH, of course not. He will die all in good time, just like everybody else. Hopefully, by then he voice will change.
    Well, it's not like he's immortal? or is he?

    With how many young ladies that have been asking the J.B. questions here one might just think so? lol
    even if he does physcialy, spiritly they wont let elvis and michael jackson
    Won't we all.......
    I'm not sure if Justin Bieber is going to die but I'm quite certain he is killing me...
    If you can think of a more senseless question I don`t know what it could be. Of course he will die, do you know of anyone who has never died? they would be millions of years old.
    not gonna answer somethiing like that thats nonsense
    yes but in good time enyway i hate these questions
    Why would you ask that question ? Unless some nut shoots him, he will live. Statisically, he will live untill he's about 79.
    justwin beaver will live for ever and ever and ever.
    Oh for Pete's sake, could we please have Colleen erase these J.B. questions as soon as they show up??? If your tired of hearing this kids name raise your hand.

    See, that was mostly everyone over 14 years old, a few of you who didn't raise your hand we are gonna have to have a little talk later, especially with some of you older ones...

    Just kidding, wanted to have a little fun with those type questions...

    I can erase the question but some of the answers are fun, lol. I do erase a lot of J.B. questions but this one slipped by. I can catch them faster if people just don't respond to them and leave them on the unanswered page. Since this one is here, I say have fun with it ;)

    Maybe as soon as that sniper we paid gets his second check...

    That's o.k. just having some fun with it. My Grandpa used to say that,"Oh for Pete's sake thing, just trying to sound older and meaner... lol

    Lighten up, Leeroy. It's fun to have kids in this Q and A session. It's refreshing. In fact, this website has a wide variety of it's healthy, b/c we can learn from each other. One man said he is 84.

    @My cats mom, I was kidding, I did put that up there in the comment, Just trying to make a joke, You have a good point about the different of generations of people here.

    Sometimes I wonder how old you are mycatsmom. Fun to have kids on a site where they ask how to make their dick bigger or how to have sex, intercourse, anal and oral? Or where adults talk of such things so the kids at 8 years old can know how to give a bj just from being here. KIDS DO NOT BELONG ON THIS SITE. Ugh.

    You also need to lighten up on using lighten up with people. Seems to be a favorite phrase of yours.

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