Jack Kevorkian died

    Who cares, who does not care....guess what I really want to know is who thought he was doing a good thing with his assisted suicides....inquiring minds want to know...I'm tired but shall respond to all responses and get back with you..peace and love (:

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    Ireally dont know what I think... I am on on hand glad he gave ppl the option to die with so dignity and relieve thier suffering... On the other I think it set a dangerous precident.
    ed shank

    I wonder if he's in a warm and fuzzy place right now.
    I believe he had good intentions just could not keep away from his 15 minutes of fame
    ole hipster

    So very true...the intentions were good...the way he executed them (excuse the pun) was his problem and what led him into obvious legal troubles and prison to boot...however, to this day I support his idea and never will stop and I believe that he made a Helluva' lot of people think likewise!

    Yes he did

    Ole hipster, I see it the same way you do.
    You are very astute Jenn!
    I hope he is in heaven and that all the people he helped die peacefully were there to greet him. I would hate to think that all he did was in vain and that he really may have been quite a prolific serial killer as some have suggested.

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