What were they thinking?

    A 15 yr old took his moms car and 2 friends out for a joy ride. They rolled the car hit trees and the car caught on fire. 2 of these boys were walking away from the wreck when my nieghbor came upon them... They asked for a ride home.. not saying a word about he 3rd boy lying on the ground next to a burning car... Luckly my nieghbor put the 2 boys in his car and held them there until the police showed up... How could they have shown absolutely no concern for a friend?

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    Well maybe they were never his friend...And that was pretty amazing that your neighbor helped with that! But maybe the 2 guys really were just using him because they really didn't like him!
    I hope that's a good answer
    And that was a good question!

    That is one of the best things about living where I live we all wave when we pass each other on the road and we dont even know who we are waving to. And if you are in need someone , even strangers, are there to help.

    Yeah but strangers still will never know who you are unless you become close friends and they still might let you down.
    ed shank

    Jenn, I also live in a small town were people stop and help all the time. Restores your faith in mankind.

    Yes, yes it does. Someime in my little bubble I forget how mean the great big world can be.

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