why can not find a job in my field

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    What do you do? Come to Australia. There are plenty of jobs here.
    We live in difficult times. I can't think of any profession with the exception of the undertaker that hasn't felt the economic pinch. Changing careers used to be an alternative, but all vocations seem to be in a slump. The medical field is one option that will probably continue to grow. My kid brother got tired of bouncing from one job to another, so he sacrificed two years of his life and attended a local university which offered a "Profusion" course. He finished, got several offers while still in school, and started at 67K per year. He's doing this now for Eight years and makes 170K per year. Just a thought. I wish you well.
    To add with your frustration,looking for a job,it might be to give them why you want this job,I assume you do,try difference approach,Like I have six hungry children waiting for good meal.
    Anyway hope the thing will work out for you,just hang in there, not by the neck,just jocking.
    There might be a reason you can't get a job in your field,if this is the way you go about it,you don't tell us what it is you do?
    So ask yourself, am I explaining myself correctly?I don't know,but it seem something wrong.
    what are you doing in a field? ;-)

    What do you mean? I am not standing in a field. I am incognito.

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