Green gunge dripping out of electrical lights and sockets

    My elderly neighbours have a green gunge like substance (similar to Swarfiga - spell?) leaking out of most of their 13a wall sockets and ceiling light fittings. There is no noticeable smell and taste, but it stains the walls and wallpaper. What is this - can anyone tell me please?

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    That is concerning.

    There does not appear to be postal address,, just e mail, as follows.

    Don't know what it is but it certainly does not sound good at all. Electrical problems are nothing to fool with. I know because when I was a teen my Dad had the whole house rewired with the exception of our closed in porch. My dog woke me up in the middle of the night and the whole house was burning down around me and my folks. We all just made it out with our lives. Nothing else survived that fire. If these elderly neighbors have kin perhaps you should contact them about this potentially serious problem. Or call the electric company or fire department and see if they can assist. If something were to happen you would never be able to forgive yourself easily.

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