would you stop to pick up a penny ?

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    good question lol

    yeah good question.... let me think about it... I'll answer.

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    Try saving a penny and doubling it everyday for thirty days and see how much you have at the end of the thirty days!

    nice Answer Pamela :-)

    Thanks, Mel!

    wouldn't need to work any more !!
    Yes, because it might be worth $500.00 if it's the right date.
    Find a coin and pick it up....and all the day you have good luck.

    my Mom use to say this !

    see a penny, leave it lay, bad luck will follow you all day

    but I thought it was bad luck unless you gave it to someone else?
    Hell yeah, I pick up pennys. I clean them off before I put them in my wallet. I penny saved is a penny earned.
    I sure would and do,nickels & dimes too.

    Dimes mean that an angel is close by.
    That's what I have been told. I like it.

    When I was a kid, I found a silver dollar in the snow. Wow! did that ever make me feel lucky!!!
    yep my nan and grandad always said "look after the pennies n the pounds will look after themselves" It is soooooooo true!
    We got rid of pennies (& 2 cent coins) years ago,here in Oz.
    Now they are planning to get rid of 5 cent coins as well.
    When I was in the USA I found a few.I was told that it was good luck to throw it away.Preferably into water.So there are a few in the Gulf of Mexico thanks to my contributions.Didn't work tho! I'm still not lucky!! Bugger it!!!

    Maybe they weren't enough. Maybe you have to throw a bunch more until you reah one hundred dollars. Just kidding !

    you're supposed to throw coins into the fountains in the town square. Have you never seen the movie "Three Coins in the Fountain"?

    yeah Gary,but there aren't many fountains where I found the pennies.
    You know I've heard it cost five cents to make a penny now, the government is thinking about getting rid of them.
    Not if it's upside down, it's only lucky if you can see Lincoln. But honestly, not that I'm to embarrassed to do it, but I have back problems and it's just not worth it to me. My knees don't work as good as they used to either.

    I was fishing the other day and did find a five dollar bill in the lake right near the shore, that was cool. I can't remember when the last time I found paper money. I got skunked though so at least God made it worth my time...

    It rarely happens, depends what time I go and the weather, barometric pressure. I know it bites to get skunked. I really didn't try that long it was about ninety-three degrees out that day they were probably out deep in the lake where the water's cooler...

    Hey Leeroy - getting skunked means not catching fish right? It's funny how easily my knees, neck, and back move when I see something valuable to pick up LOL

    Exactly, yeah if it were a hundred dollar bill I would have moved much faster.

    If the penny is heads up, pick it up for luck. If it isn't, turn it over for the next person to find it to have good luck....

    I found $40 at a bar last Sat. night and gave it to the guy that was standing near it. Also found a guys wallet on Friday at the supermarket, he had just cashed his paycheck. He's was very grateful to get it back.

    skunked, blanked...I call it excellent luck (for the fish :). @ witchway- you are a good eg a they say.
    As my grandmother used to say .... - Don't ignore a penny because you are ignoring GOD - Well, I starting to pick the pennies up because on the pennies it reads "In GOD we trust", but as I got older I starting wondering if the whole thing was because she was too cheap? But I want you guys to know that I am still picking pennies up.

    varon, you and arryoundini look like you might be related. (joking)

    Itsmee, you made me laugh with your comment. Thanks

    itsmee, I agree maybe varon is arryoudi's love child !
    yes. a penny saved is a penny earned. 100 make a dollar.
    Often, no I won’t pick up a penny, occasionally yes. Pennies are useful as “some-what copper washers” after I drill a hole in it. When you are nailing sheet metal on your chicken house, pennies will seal the nails nicely and won’t rust. The all copper pennies work best. When you consider the cost of washers in a hardware store is $5.00 for 100 penny size washers, the $4.00 savings is obvious (+tax).

    robertgrist you coudn`t do that in Australia it is a crime to deface the currency.
    We did away with "pennies" as you call them ages ago. We had one and two cent pieces when we went decimal and they were a bronzy colour. Our smallest coin is a five cent piece. Our dollar and two dollars are gold coloured coins then our five dollar is plastic as are all our notes.
    Yes and I put it in my shoe too! For good luck..

    Good on you.
    A penny found is a penny earned darn right I'll pick one up

    i agree. pick up enough and who knows
    I always do too. As a matter of fact my neck has been fused and is hard to move so most of the time I am looking down. You wouldn't believe the stuff I find.

    ha ha........
    need a penny take one need two get a job
    or are you to proud??/
    Of course I would. How much is a penny?

    oh eggy,one hundred pennys to a pound,sterling,in the old days it use to be 240 pennys to a pound,
    yeah coz they are apparently good luck and a penny will someday be a pound with all of its friends
    Yes I do and then I toss it over my shoulder for good luck;) I actually have a penny on the floor in my salon that gets picked up and tossed over the shoulder and many wishes made with it. Funny enough it is a bit of a conversation piece now. My clients come in and look to see where in the salon it is each time.

    my mom owened a hair salon as well

    That is wonderful.
    Only if I were really really poor...the penny at this point in time does not mean too terribly much...however as I am pretty much really really poor I certainly would pick up any penny just to look at it and see the date on it!!! (:
    Superglue one to the pavement! Hours of fun seeing people trying to pick it up!

    Funny...try a nickel next time. lol!

    What a terribly mean idea. I would NEVER think of doing such a nasty thing. hahahahahahahahahaha

    Took me years in the British Army to learn that one LOL.

    When Hubby and I went to Vegas in September, someone had actually done that in front of the tattoo parlor we were visiting. I tried to pick it up too. So funny, especially after reading this thread from several months ago. r/yvonne57

    We superglued a quarter to the floor at work- it was funny. everyone tried to pick it up...sometimes the same person would try a couple of times a simple but a great April fools day joke!
    I would :D , not embarrassed to retie my shoelaces out of nowhere in the middle of the crowd ;)
    Actually, I picked one up today.

    I always think: "This coin could be the one that - if you don't have it - separates you from a bus ride."

    As long as the penny isn't lying in any suspicious, smeary substance, or is placed in the middle of a six-track highway, I pick it up.

    I always do!
    I was riding by bicyle a few days ago and I saw a penny. Without stopping I picked it up... Do you believe me?

    Good for you - just so clever - Yes I do believe you.

    also sounds like you are in great shape !
    Yes I respect any money that crosses my path.. On a more personal note .... My kids and I always say "they stoppes to get a penny" when there is a traffic jam that comes out of nowhere. Ilove my kids. We have a goos time together.

    If the penny is heads up, you pick it up for luck, if the coin is tails up, you turn it over for the next person who finds it to have good luck.........

    They are good luck.  Heads up ... double lucky.  Then you give it to a friend or put it in your shoe.


    Nite fish.
    Too much tennis today...tired.

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