Aliens attack

    Will there be a world war III but with aliens like in Battle: LA, and will every human have to fight in order save the world.

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    no, i think your imagination is getting carried away with itself!!

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    Don't worry about it, thank god we have the superheros to protect us like batman, superman, transformer and Terminator 5 is on his way.. I think we're safe from those terrible aliens, you can concentrate on you homework now and forget about it..

    Please do not forget aqua-man who is the only super hro who speaks (via me) to the sea creatures! as Fishy know, octopus don't like him

    That's science fiction!Alien's will not land on the earth and if they did  we would not be able to fight back their superior technology we would be killed . Those of us they missed will die in the ruins no food no water  bye bye kaput!!

    It would be such fun. I am a survivalist so I would be one of the last ones standing or hiding. By then I would have worked out how to destroy them!

    That's science fiction!Alien's wont land on the earth if they did  we will not be able to fight back their superior technology  would  kill us and Those of us that was left will die in the ruins of the  cities with out food and water  bye bye kaput

    Hey man- the aliens didn't fair so well in the Superbowl add!  Only 4 or 5 guys with pick-ups made it. Weird- why would you need a pickup after that calamity?  The guy with the twinkies was smart- Junk food is a must after all that happened...and a to see the polar bear add.


    DOCTOR WHO will blow up all the bad aliens!""""

    Here come DARTH VADER with a battle fleet RUN FOREST RUN!!""""

    Now we would want to negotiate. Even though it was a preemptive strike.

    Although we do have weapons of mass destruction....... we are civilized!

    It's purely a powerful pacifier that we suck on when we're scared.

    Scared of what exactly? The Unknown.



    What the *%#$ did I just write? It must've been late! There's a missing link.

    I don`t think the aliens would give their true idenity.


    No, you are right. With their true identities known then you could get their SSN, home address and bombard them with mail from AARP, political candidates, clearing house sweepstakes, and other things they can't get away from, and REALLY REALLY make their life here on earth miserable. they would hate it and go away.

    @caddam... aliens really like junk mail. It makes them feel popular.

    your kidding.

    You watch way tooo much fantastic movies

    NO. It will be men attacking men. We will destroy this place, much like we are doing with the earth's blood. How much more will we suck out and cause the changes to the environment!??

    It will be us. World War III will be based on both an agreement and a disagreement with those in power.

    Remember: those in power have the power to enter the world into war.

    Your sister,

    If we ever were attacked by aliens, we would be frightfully behind the aliens in sciences. We would most likely be saved by our own diseases, as in World of the Worlds, when the aliens died from Chicken Pox. The ultra small, will save the ultra large. Anything we do as humans, if we do not kill the first aliens right away, we may be overwhelmed and incapable of saving ourselves. At that point, the bugs will be our best defense.

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