How many people do you know on this site?

    I mean have personally met them, anyone?

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    Fraid not, Randy, not even the Aussies.

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    I have about two hand fulls of good internet friends here, It's great, there are some really caring people here. It's funny a few of you when we first met here we didn't agree on much and argued over some things, but we have grown it into a mutual respect or online friendship.

    I think it's great to have people you don't agree with on everything, yet you still can be friends on this site. Thank you all of my online buddies. Your included of course Randy, thumbs up on the question.

    I haven't met anyone in person though...

    Well, if I have one of these inventions go viral, I will pay to have a lot of you come to a big party at my new mansion. You never know it may happen someday.
    Headless Man

    I'll be

    I am coming, invited or not...

    Why wouldn't you be? You're on of the nicest people here!!!

    leeroy, I know you are going to hit it big! I am getting ready for the big Party!

    Thanks Ann that's sweet, I sure hope so, if God is for me, who can be against me, is what I always say...

    That would be cool to meet everyone...we spend a lot of time together here.

    you can count on me,party, party, YAY
    I am with you Leeroy. I am fairly new on this forum and I already find some members over here that I feel comfortable with. I feel like I can ask anything, personal or other wise and don't feel like I am writing to strangers. People like yourself, Randy, eggplant, Colleen, Gary, Monkey, Ann, Mom, Sinclair and another bunch that escape my mind right now are like family. Thank you all for been there and for having fun like myself on this site. Thumbs up on your answer to Randy

    Its nice to have you on board.

    Thank you Ann, I appreciate that.
    I have met none, but feel like I have so many of you, and would like to some day.

    I might be the closest one to you, Randy! ;-)
    Headless Man

    Where you from?

    Southwest Ohio. And you are somewhere in Ohio too?
    Headless Man

    Hey Randy & schubee i'am in Northeast Ohio all we need now is someone from Northwest Ohio and we'll have all corners covered.

    I'm in north west Ohio

    Headless Man

    We should all meet in Columbus for lunch

    I'm telling you, we need to rent out an entire campsite and have a huge aka party!!
    I dont have to meet you to know that you are beautiful people. But I think a couple of us need a hug...

    G'day, Bullet here, this Saturday 31 march, a lottery for $30 miilion Aust. dollars is up for grabs, if by any chance i win it , i pledge i will put aside $ 1 million dollars for an Aka party , to be held where i have no idea, any suggestions and i'm not kidding.


    Hows about your estate in the Highlands, it would suit me perfectly.

    Romos too bloody cold, how about Tahiti.

    I second that BM.
    What about in a bus tour of Australia so we can show off our great country?

    OK! As long as you,re footing the bill Tahiti will do for me.

    A dinner cruise from Darling harbor around Sydney harbor, they have a fantastic party boat and the scenery is gorgeous, by the way I'll but a ticket too....same deal, or maybe Mauritius,fish speaks french!

    What do you recon Lamb, hire a ferry for a 24 hour party, i personally think may be somewhere on the Qld. coast or Tahiti at Club Med.
    I have never met a single soul on this site...after awhile it does not seem to matter...I'm sure all of us have somewhat mental pictures of the people here...I know I get to know everyone simply by the way they "speak" (:

    I had asked what mental picture ppl had of one another.. I enjoyed that conversation.
    I've never met anyone and I doubt anyone has. It would be an exciting event to meet up some of the people here. My wild idea....would you guys come if I invited you all to one of my concerts? ;-)

    If you are not in a place like Alaska, I would love to go.

    You might have to put the concert on in the middle of the U.S. like Kansas? That way it's fair for all of us that have to travel, I live in S. FL so it would be a long drive.

    I'll definitely let you know if I have a chance to perform in your region!

    I would love to meet all of my aka buddies. We can where "AKA" name tags....

    'What do you mean by "AKA" name tags?

    I'd love that if I'm invited.
    i havent meet a soul yet but i would certainly reconize your
    Headless Man

    Only if I was holding my head in my hand, sometimes I carry it in a
    Lots. Randy and his head make two.
    ole hipster

    Way too funny LMAO

    Thanks Hipster.
    Not one. But I find many of those here more stimulating than my regular crew. Change is good.
    Aka party in Kansas as soon as one of us hits the lottery or inherit some money, in that case lets make it in the Bahamas!

    I'm in!..LOL
    ole hipster

    I second that motion...I too am in!

    Ready to go!

    Bahamas, sounds good to me too
    Are you really Bad Bad leeroy Brown?
    And does your house have two big trees in front of it?




    Two negatives make a positive... who do you know? :)

    Well I met Melandrupert in person when I was in England last October.

    Lovely lady but is having a busy time as she rarely comes on site.


    Yes I was wondering where Mel had got to...

    Yes Sunny she was a regular member but now is a rarity, did I do something to turn her off?
    Hope not.

    PL. I think she is very busy working. I miss her too and hope all is well.

    ANN Do you know something I don`t or do I know something you don`t?

    I think she lost her mum a little while ago, and she has a busy working life. I miss her chats and comments about her cats.Hopefully she will be back soon, she sounds like a really nice lady.

    You are correct on all counts Sunny, her Mum passed away a couple of months ago she is busy with her interior decorating business and she is a lovely lady.
    Her and her husband made me and my daughter Narrelle very welcome when we visited.

    PL, Mel is very busy with her business , she has enough work till last her to sept. , she said she hasn't the time to be on aka as much as she would like.

    Though never meeting in person, I feel that jhharlan and Daisy I know  personally through regular emails. tabber and I have talked about meeting sometime this spring and I'm looking forward to that. It would be nice to have  outside communication (such as email) with others once in awhile. 
    GOOD LUCK, bulletman! I hope you win big, party or not!   

    No...never had the chance to meet anyone from sounds interesting though.

    Ive not personally met anyone, but feel that I have many close friends here, I can bounce ideas off my cyber friends, confide in and trust, I'm often on my own but never lonely here

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