I'm a flamboyant person,love colors, Do anyone know where I can buy colored clothes and shoes?

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    You can find all kinds of fun colorful clothes at goodwill.There is nothing wrong with shopping there!I do.And I find Calvin Klein,Old Navy, Really that is the place to go and believe me, you'll find what your looking for. It might not be brand new. But you can find some things brand new there.I have.I got a brand new Vera Wang sweater, and a purse there and those aren't cheap.So I am sure a man can find things there that other men have been given as gifts and just didn't like and gave to one of those kind of places.Or go to a a store that takes in clothes for people on consignment.


    Pam is always good for that... I love thrift shops. Good luck with the search and stay funky...:)


    I LOVE colors, I'd like to find colored suits, shoes and jeans if possible. I really would like to find some colored loafers. Can anyone help me?


    I know that Stacy Adams carries some colored clothing.


    Thanks Cuddles0514, I appreciate the help. I thank you for being legit and not like these other FOOLS trying to be funny smart asses.


    I want to thank Pamela also for those two websites you provided for me. I checked it out and " ROGER THAT" That's what I'm looking for.


    Spaceghost... have you ever seen how Don Cherry dresses? He is over the top cool! Hockey Night in Canada Cool! He has a personal tailor.

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    I think with Spring coming you should be able to find colorful clothing as well as colorful shoes at many stores and even online.


    Thanks Darci13, you're a friend I appreciate the help. T.U.

    Look at this hilarious question with only a few answers... I had to bring it back up just to see what would happen today.

    I found this store for you!

    Allan and Suzi

    416  amsterdam Ave, New York, NY, 10024 at 80 th Street.






    I can't get rid of this..............rectangle-thing! 


    Fishy-I dont see the picture?????

    There isn't a picture just this weird blue rectangle thing that I can't get rid of no matter how hard I try!

    OH invasion of the worst kind- Advertisers that won't go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ... and now I have a little tool bar advertisement... the flamboyant ones are invading!

    Thanks Fishlet, I'm going to check that out.

    Spacey- (hope that's an ok nickname)  I will tie-dye shirts for any colors you like!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then you will always have a lovely colorful shirt to wear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And don't forget one of those glorious tin foil hats... made to order by the Swami Doo.

    Oh yes! The garden shop has foils in the most delightful colors!

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