Is there such a thing as a free credit report. ?

    Everyone ask you for a dollar and you get nothing in return.

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    Don't go to "free credit". Type in each name of the 3 major reporting companies. Do a different one every 4 months and you will receive 3 free reports quarterly every year and it will keep you up to date annually. The only charge would be for the credit score ranging from $10 and up. Any solicitation from any of them in your email is phoney and should not be answered. Here's one you can go to now and get a compilation of your 3 credit companies almost immediately. It is totally free and will cost you nothing but your time........It's called 'QUIZZLE,COM" Try it, you'll like it. I have used it already. Incidentally, it is federal law now that each credit reporting company MUST SUPPLY you with one report annually.

    Gary, thank you very much for this info. I will try it.

    Gary, I went to the website you gave me. Right on man. Its great and its free, Thank you a bunch and you got thumbs up for your answer so accurate

    My pleasure. And good luck
    YES there is. You can obtain a free report once every 12 mos. if, you get into wrong one they do try to lure you into buying but, don't because you're permitted 1 free annually.
    apply for a loan
    No they tell you it's free but then you half to pay something like 9.99 abd tehy charge you that every month now. I wish there was. But is there anything FREE anymore,ask yourself that question.

    Thank you Motley. I have been trying and you're right. Its nothing free anymore. Thanks again
    Cogito, this is another alternative. Thanks !
    Oh ! I appreciate this info. I didn't know about that site. I will try it Thanks again dad59.

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