which cream is good for dry skin and wrinkle?

    when i use anti ageing cream,my face burning and red

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    I  tried "Baking powder  put  my head in the oven "Did"nt  work .But came with  a  nice " tan.


    You done it for to long,try just a few hours,and Gas mark 3,and youse gouse fat first,

    Coconut oil! 


    hello, Grit. Nice to see you back again .

    coc0nut oil is the best I think! And smells good too!

    I have allergies to lots of product (perfumes) but I like Dr.Le Winns, also a good one is Aquamarine, very cheap, your chemist can mix this for you and only costs a few dollars, but I truly dont think anything topical will get rid of wrinkles, if you find something please be sure to let me know

    That's because of the Retinol that's in it, which is what helps reduce the depth of wrinkles.

    Avon Anew and ROC are two that aren't as strong as some.

    Do not go directly for cream. its better to go for natural home remedies first. You can use coconut oil daily before going to bed. this will improve the elasticity of skin and prevent wrinkles. if still you wont get result; always opt for creams having organic ingredients. this will ensure you do not have any side-effects on skin.

    hope it helps!


    - - - like Olive Oil


    Really, It is very hard task to select the  wrinkle cream which is best or really work. It depend on your skin. If any cream which work for one it not necessary that it work for everyone. My sister also have same problem and always wondering for best cream which made from natural ingredients.


    try olive oil

    My g. friend swears by Oil of Olay. Her skin usually is dewey too.  I use Noxema for dry skin and cracks.


    Whenever you purchase any product first see its ingredients. Always try to use the natural skin care products. It does not produce any side effects.


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