Do you believe in love at first sight and how do you know?

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    Love at first sight is possible, but, I never have experienced it!

    I agree me neither

    I knew the first time I saw my husband that he was the one.  Love came shortly thereafter. 

    My husband claims it was love at first sight... and I stalked him.

    He's so cute and I love him. 



    Absolutely, without any doubt!!! You'll know, you'll feel it in your heart. It's a feeling that will never leave. Well I met my hubby 35 years ago and it hasn't left me yet.

    lucky devil!

    i have had " lust at first sight" many times
    No. First its Attraction. When you get to know that person you might fall in love. When you marry the person and share ups and downs,raise a family together, thats true love.

    You will know when it happens


    The Questioner is asking HOW do you Know?

    The very moment I held my children for the first time and looked into their innocent little eyes, I just knew I was truly in love and would never view love the same ever again.


    Truly poignant.
    No! I believe there is lust at first sight.

    You have to get to know what is inside a person. That is something you cannot see at first glance. It takes some years to figure out where some person is, what is inside them, what makes them hurt, what makes them want, what their needs are, what makes them happy and so forth.

    At firt glance, if someone were to say, "this is it!, I'm getting married" and they do; chances are, it will end within a year. Often, because there is a committment before there is an understanding of each the other.

    *I have been married for 28 years.

    Your sister,

    YES. I have been married 50 times!!!


    yes , but it's not to be confused with lust..'s happened to me. I've heard many people say, that as soon as they laid eyes upon him/her, they knew that was the person they'd marry.

    Yep, cuz it was my mom.

    you can usaly tell by the mans trousers,


    Yah, I've heard that before too but what about the style? Can it happen in courderoy?

    I Think it certainly could with courderoy,shorts and leather braces,

    Hopefully it's a warm-weather love.
    It seems to be true at the first time, but then I always knew it's just mistake. It's not love

    When it happens you will know!

    Yes I've fallen in love at first sight lots of times I. think hormones had somthing to do with it raging ones . I've sent lots of flowers too in the past

    I never thought so until I met my grand-daughter.She was about 30 minutes old the first time I saw her and "BING"!! I knew I was a gonner.

    I used to believe in it a lot more than I do now; lately I've discovered that my belief was due to my laziness.

    I dont know how to explain it but as soon as l saw her holding the glass l just fell in love with that beer.

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of youir life make an ugly woman your wife,

    So from my particular point of view get an ugly girl to marry you.

    This ugly girl probably  makes love at first sight impossible

    No I don't. Love is some thing that you feel not see. Now lust at first sight , yes. Just remember looks are not everything.

    Yes, as long as she is rich!

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