If we all focused our thoughts on one thing ,course ,or action would there be any change ? Does the universe listen and respond to collective focused thoughts? Interested in a experiment???? Lets try all of us to focus on one thing collectively for 24 hours and see if there are results .

    Is there any power to collective focused thoughts??? Can we think things into being ??? Change the course of life with thoughts???

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    Collective thinking......Get Obama out of the White House NOW. Then go after him for treason. He has opened the borders with his do not arrest, just turn back south policy. He is not protecting the American people. Abusing the power of office and putting American live in jeopardy is treason.

    I like you Colleen ,dont have a clue why .. This is bad territory here .I dont care what Obama does as long as he pisses off a republican every day. They are all sad in office and we are in bad shape here this country is going to hell and fast. I was in costruction hanging dry wall in California and Las Vegas ,would you like to talk about what illegals have done to that industry? That area between here and south should be one big mine field not one clear inch . Thats my final word on that . Against the law is just that !!!! Sorry you dont care for Obama ,but that moron Bush really sucked just plain stupid !!!!!!
    Let's just say there are lots of people out there that believe this to be true. Seems as though I'm reading about people wishing for world peace (among other things) for a period of time, all across the world etc.

    Can't say for sure whether or not it works, but it certainly doesn't hurt. The only thing is, does everyone have time to do it, or will them remember to do it.

    I read somewhere just the other day that someone wanted people to think about drying up the Mississippi river while it was overflowing and drowning everything in site.

    If a change could be made on this magnatude,what is going on in your life thats more important that taking part in this .Our lives suck because we wont say no!!!!! No to the gas companies no to foriegn goods and no jobs ,no to people who move jobs off shore,no to people who have no right to be here Our lives suck because we wont say no together all at once and mean it . Its that simple ,SAY NO !!!!!!!!!,
    Wouldn't it be awesome ...even if nothing get enough attention that thousands of people would be on board and thinking the same great thoughts? I would wish for the cancer wave to end,healing the world of war,pain and judgement. I could go on and on. It would be great to even get enough people to stop buying gas that it forced the gas company to have to lower prices. United we stand, but unfortunately we seem to divided to even bother. It would be amazing though.

    All good causes ,very broad thinking. Thanks for responding !!!! Now if there was only one thing short and simple to prove this point that it might work :What would it be ?????? I say the question is how to get every one to say no,No vioence ,no sadness no suffering,no more foriegn goods ,no doing business with people who take jobs off shore No to walmart No buying high priced gas Just No !!!!! What if for one day every one said NO to all the bad crap that makes our lives SUCK

    No would be easier to organize with multitudes of people. I like the idea!
    Two things come to mind.

    One, there was a fellow in the middle east who said that it is young girls wearing mini skirts that cause the world's earthquakes. Wow! Go figure! Anyhoo, that statement was met with a MySpace challenge to get as many women together to see if it would cause an earthquake. Well, that resulted in hundreds of thousands of hits for her.

    Secondly, ever hear of something called the 'Toronto Blessing'? Well, there was a spin-off of it in which those involved would make an attempt to bring down spirits upon a geographic location in the world through group prayer.

    Not too kewl! if you ask me...

    However, I did see a pouring out, into the streets, some years ago in Mexico. Everyone was dressed in white for this thing and they said you could see them from a satellite. Needless to say, Mexico has gotten significantly worse. The attrocities of the people against people... Horrible! All of that over drugs.

    your sister,

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