What do you think about the man that built a replica of Noah's Arc?

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    Did not know some one did,How does he Know it is a replica. Could just be his interpretation of it ,if it ever existed. There are no plans or specifications anywhere to my knowledge.

    Where does this whacko live? don`t tell me USA? right?.
    You seem to attract all the weirdos, must be the burbon, switch to scotch.

    If he opens a restaurant he will only be able to take bookings two by two.

    No, this wacko is from the Netherlands.

    Is that Dutch courage or is that Dutch courage?

    replica - A replica is a copy that is relatively indistinguishable from the original

    My question (as stated above) is "How can a replica be made if there was no original one to start with" .... AKA You can't have a replica of something that there never was to start with.
    whatever floats your boat i guess... however the money could be used for better purposes ...i wonder if he can replicate the flood
    Maybe he's going to turn it into a restaurant.
    This is what the guy hopes to do:

    Huibers is hoping to make a big splash with his ark next year by having it moored in London during the 2012 Summer Olympics. He has sent a letter to the city's mayor, Boris Johnson, asking permission to dock there. He says he hopes the gigantic modern-day relic inspires children.

    This awful reality of this is: he spent $1.6 MILLION DOLLARS to build this.

    What a waste. It would be better as a restaurant. He'd get his money back.

    You got that right eggie.
    first thought "what an awesome guy" :)
    How can it be a replica when there wasn't an original in the first place?

    thats why its called a replica
    Another ark replica is being built - yes, in the USA. But wait, it is an Aussie who is responsible! Ken Ham, creationist extraordinaire is building an ark- see You can sponsor a peg for $100, a plank for $1,000, or a beam for $ 5,000, and State approval for tax rebates has been given!
    Go Ken Harm, while you are there ask for donations to "The save the gay whales" For $20 you have a share in a tooth,$50 gets you a blubber friend badge and $1million gets you the whole whale.

    By the way Ken did you receive that shipment of post holes? I packed them as carefully as I could but the sticky tape wouldn`t stick properly.

    Don`t forget we meet up on the Caymenne Islands.

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