optional :)

    what's everybody's everyday job here? would love to know more about everyone here :D

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    what about you .. you know our story

    I'ms still on the beginning of my career lol. actually i haven't even started yet :( I have a year to go with my mechatronics course and get a job afterwards in a company :)
    wish me luck, long journey ahead ! :D But it's great hearing from older folks experiences , thank you guys for sharing :D

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    I am MOM!!! Also a substitute teacher and mentor. And lets not forget wife and daughter.... ;)

    hope you got my last post..that was my dream though

    I dont think i did...
    Talking about jobs I've had a few, Oil field pumper, Ins/MF salesmen, motorcycle mechanic, Harley Dealer 67-79, Electrician, Plumber.
    Plus I built or helped build two houses, Wired, Plumbed, helped frame, installed windows & doors, flooring, heating systems.
    Retired now because I became diabetic at 12 and you know what 35 years of that can do to you.
    I really don't want to talk about what I do. I used to love my job, until a week ago. I'm trying to make my own job. I have been managing people since I was 18. I don't want to do it anymore.

    Your sister,

    Sorry to hear that Adreamer. No matter what happened, I hope you get to do what you love to do!

    Thank you! Very kind words! It is just another thing i am debating: Whether to stay at my job or let them fire me. I just don't know. I've been there for almost 5 years. Just don't feel myself growing where I am as i just took a 3 year set back.

    Maybe, when you feel that way, it is time to move on...Gook luck! ;)

    To cheer you up=T U ;-)
    For doublehelix, PEOPLELOVER said it was OK for me to post pictures of the Grandfather clocks he makes.


    That is FREAKIN AWEsome PeopleLOver, thank you Colleen for posting it,
    Now i want one in my bedroom too :(

    Wow, great! Any discounts for our members here? ;-p
    moderating akaQA :) It's my night job too, lol

    Hahe that's a part-time job for you to handle every night, too bad you don't get paid :(

    how about everyday job? :)

    Moderating akaQA is my everyday and every night job. I'm retired :)

    LUCKY YOU :( still have so much to do before i can retire in 30 years !!!

    I was lucky enough to retire early. My goal was 40. I missed it by 3 years.

    Dang I nee that job!!!!

    Which job? Truck driving or the non paying akaQA job? LOL
    investagateive reporter boston globe... i wish retired teamsters union

    Wicked Awwwwesome.

    sorry i re edited my post
    I'm a writer, I am a member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers. I can see you are a furniture removalist.
    lithographer in the printing industry,but i would love to have the talent of PEOPLELOVER, those clocks are amazing,mate.

    Nice :) thanks for sharing
    After 3 year tour in the army, I worked 43 years as a service technician in the printing/copier industry. Am now retired but married to a younger lady that has to work to support a large family in a third world country (Hinders travelling and enjoying retirement). I own/operate a small shipping business in an attempt to keep busy.
    I am one of "The Idle Rich" unfortuneatly I am more idle than rich.

    can i have few bucks? :D , how about writing whatever you own in your will for me before you leave the world, wait... do you have kids, don't tell me you do ...dam'nit :(

    so, considering your an 'old' man, how did you live? what jobs did you take?

    He's leaving his grandfather clock he made to me :) Aren't you PL? :D

    He makes Grandfather clocks, REALLY? that's awesome I WANT ONE :O

    He does and they're BEAUTIFUL!!! EXQUISITE BEAUTIFUL even! :)

    PL, can I post a picture of one here?

    Started as dogs body in a cabinet making factory at age 14, was apprenticed cabinet maker when old enough, foreman at 20 yrs old. Left to join Army when Korean war on, served with little distinction in the Royal Australian Artillery, rose to the dizzy height of sergeant. Medicaled out due to hearing loss.
    From there on I was in some form or other of sales and marketing.
    Was a director of small company manufaturing portable fire extinguishers.
    Done a lot of personal developement and sales training.
    Retired at age 69, so 55 years in the work force.
    Best job??? loved the Army I was ready to be a career soldier but fate intervened.
    Married 3 times 7 children plus 2 step who I do not regard as anything but "my kids"

    First 2 wives are deceased 3rd one does`t like musrooms.
    And enough of this "OLD MAN" stuff.

    Of course you may post the clocks Colleen, we may set up a business with you as my US agent> Post both clocks incl "work in progress"xx

    Wow PeopleLover, that's a bunch of great careers you've undertaken :) and three wives, are you sure you ain't muslim? juss joking :D
    Thank you for sharing and I LOVE your GrandFather clocks, How about make me one for half price? ;)
    thanks for sharing again :)
    Retired in March this yr. was a long haul driver for Fedex my last job.
    My job here is to find you!...hey there double are ya'?? We're on together actually at the same time..friggin' amazing! I'm on social security disability now....formerly worked in advertising for years with three different newspapers, last being Chicago Tribune. No that's a high eat dog kind of job, but sure did pay the bills. Did that for about 15 years or so...before that administrative assist/counselor for spouse abuse shelters in Florida for almost 10 years...previously when younger tended bar/managed many different types of saloons...bowling alley, go-go girls (long-g-g time ago), neighborhood bars, hotel bar, strip clubs (with all MY clothes on! lol) etc. about 10 years also. VERY good income if you can stand and deal with drunks! Take care Double H!

    HAhahe :)
    That's a range of different jobs you took, You must know a lot about 'Bars' now ;)
    Go girl, strip clubs ;) with all you clothes on hahe
    MAn, how did you deal with advertising, i bet it was petty boring, i have a friend who works there too, everyday, he calls and complains about something :S
    that's good to hear though, thanks for sharing ole hipster :)
    take care too :D
    ole hipster

    just sat back down for a few minutes and saw your answer...the stories I could tell about working in bars! Especially the strip clubs...they had to take the mirror out of the mens john at one....figure it out youngun' lol My advert jobs were high stress and way too busy to be boring or have time to complain!
    I'm a professor, music director and concert pianist.
    Thank you everyone that's awesome to hear we have a lot of different range of people here. it's fun :)

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