i know someone on the internet who has a lovely face but needs to smile.

    should i tell him/her?

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    I know :) just send them a message and tell him/her what you just said "you have a lovely face, smile :)"

    thanks ... that one works. it might not be totally true but it works.

    well, give it all you've got with a big Cheezy smile :D while your saying it ;)
    Why don't you tell them a funny story or joke to make them laugh? When they do, tell them "Gee you have a lovely smile. You should smile more often."
    I guess that depends on how well you know them and they know you so they don't get insulted. Put the proper way, I can't see how they could get insulted but you never know.
    i know someone who lost their head.. but i think they already know

    Well he didn't really lose it. He's holding it so knows right where it's at ;)
    I would have to go with Ms. S.'s answer, that's a good one. Look up a joke website or buy a joke book and start telling them jokes.

    I know when I'm not smiling it's because of the pain or depression I'm in, maybe this is the case with this person. They do say that laughter is the best medicine.
    Are you gay? Tell us some jokes and we'll all smile.
    Are you talking about yourself?

    oh, eggplant ... I've been working on my avatar face. i have tried turning the edges of my mouth up but it just doesn't work.
    your little pink face is soooo cute with the little round mouth and the surprised eyes. i know, let's trade avatars!!
    lol ... nope i wasn't talking about myself but i should have been.

    Ok, but I had no choice in Avatars. Some of them are strange.

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