Who do I contact to file a complaint against a "Spine Clinic?

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    as Colleen said contact your Local Medical Board if you dont get help in your complaint go and see a Law Firm but make sure you get a free consulation and see if they think you have case good luck mel
    Your local medical board. I don't know where you live so I can't help you.
    are they dispensing too many pain pills ? if so notify the cops its against the law in most states to dispense too much opiate type medication otherwise your state medical board should be able to help you

    I've found that the two spine clinics that I went to are trying to sell surgery. surgery is very often not a good idea. before you accept this type of thing make sure you have a couple of outside doctors tell you that surgery will help you.
    Your state should have a Medical Board for these things, I think. There are also national spinal associations the clinic may belong, to you could do a search for and contact them r.e. unprofessional conduct.

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