Do You Respond To All The Red Number Comments, Answers, and Thumbs Up/Down, (before you start answer questions)?

    I'm not kidding this is my AkaQ&A system, I sign on, and immediately go to the red number comments, does anyone else do this? What is your system, or do you have one at all?

    Today I had (OVER 60 RED NUMBER COMMENTS) Wow, it took me an hour just to respond to all of them, thank you all for the support and wonderful comments. I appreciate all of my online friends here.

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    Good question leeroy. T.U.

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    Yes, I go to the red circle first, then I usually do a search for titles I think I can give good advice to then new questions and answered questions.

    I haven't been doing many new question answering lately, they just seem to be mostly boring questions, unless I find one that sparks my interest.
    Headless Man

    I understand that, thats why I do a search for words that might be a question I can answer. Because they get lost so quickly.
    yes why post a question or comment if you dont care to know the answer..funny you read my mind.i thought the exact same thing.its a bit of a thrill when that red light pops up!

    I agree, exactly right! Thumbs up.

    Lol... we are funny.. I get excited to see a red number too. What does that say about us?

    better tan the blue lights
    What are you guys talking about? What is a "Red Number" ? Where do you dee it? Maybe because my karma is not as high as yours I don't have Red Numbers? Anyone explain that to me .... please ? Thanks

    Anytime you get a TU/TD or someone replies to a question you've responded to, you get a notification. The notification is the red circle at the top of the page near the akaQA logo which will have a number in it. The number reflects the number of notifications you got.

    I just gave you a TU so you should at least get a notification for that.

    Thanks Colleen, let me see and I get back to you.

    Colleen ..... thank you in both accounts. A appreciate it very much. No wonder why you lead the pack. You are great, thanks again

    No, I don't lead the pack, there are 4 that are above me. Leeroy is the leader here. ;)

    Stand corrected, but you still great. Thanks again

    LOL I will follow Leeroy any where.... And I just love me some Colleen!
    I always check the comments first. Then I check for questions that do not belong here, then I start looking for questions I can answer.

    Look down, I left you an answer.

    Me an answer or varon?
    Its at the top of the screen next to the Aka questions and Answers, there is a red circle with a red number in it.

    When you click on it, it will show you who has commented, answered, voted up, and voted down your answers and questions...

    Thank you leeroy. I saw it and now I understand this system more. Thank you very much

    No problemo!

    So Leeroy, you are the leader of the pack .... congrats !

    Well, not for long, if Colleen wouldn't have retired she would of passed me by now, Daren will be ahead of me soon. Thanks though, I just don't spend as much time here as I used to, not that that would make a difference, we have a lot of really good members here.

    Yeah, I see that. There are a lot of good people here, of course, we are like ghost to each other but it is amazing how a community get together through this site. I guess we are from all over the country (world ?) and all different walks of life and yet .... here we are a family. Thanks Leeroy, it is nice to meet you.

    You too, keep up the good Q&A...

    WOw Varon I wish I could give you a TU for this statement!!!! Beautifully said!

    Thanks Jenn, your comment means much more to me. Thanks a bunch
    I do go to my red number comments first. I have nowhere near 60, but if they need a comment in return I answer them. If it derserves a thumbs up or down i will give it... I most often forget about the thums up and down thing. Sorry.. I am sure many of you deserve alot more than I give.

    It was weird usually I only have like twenty something? I think it's important to respond to all the comments, good answer, thumbs up..

    She may not be erasing hers. If she doesn't click on them (or use the delete button) or click the X, all her notifications will stay and the number just keeps going up.
    Yes I go to the red circle first and comment, or thank people or give them a thumbs up. I'll try to comment or thank everyone that answers or comment,if I omit someone it's not intended. Most of the time I'll get back to everyone.

    I still think the gold bar got your attention more, because it jumped out on any screen you were on, but it's a vast improvement from when they didn't have the red number or the bar..

    I agree, the gold bar was cool, but we are getting better though.

    I would like to see an indication when any of the threads I post to are commented on.

    Good idea Jenn, we should suggest it to the right people.
    I bet no one will see my answer since this was a few days ago.

    I always check my comments and try - key word here - try - to respond to all the comments and thumbs up (or down). It's exciting to me to see that red box.

    I think people notice if the question is in the top five while they're in between questions. Timing is everything I think...

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