whats the most romantic thing to do with your girl friend

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    One of my favorite things to do was to go for a long moonlit walk on the beach, after a nice date. It's a good time to enjoy a long conversation or stop and spend some time together. Camping trips can be great with the CA girls, or outdoorsy girls. I know it's simple, but we both seemed to like it, whoever she was...
    Well the last romantic thing I did with my girl friend, who's NOW my wife. I rented a limo,bought a dozen roses,picked her up, went out to this fancy restaurant,French cuisine, the works. Left the restaurant back in the limo, drinking an expensive bottle of champagne, went to the 747 Club, a nightclub that I owned and danced the night away !!!!

    Gee, you were nice, no wonder she married you. Do you still do it? I don't mean sex.

    Thank you eggplant for your compliment. Yes we still do it LOL. Yes we still actually go out on dates, just like high school. I still buy her roses,dinner, the works. I LOVE her, she's my wife and my best friend.
    Let her use the TV remote control unit once a month or so.

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