What was the ORIGINAL intent of akaQA?

    Just curious. We all know it has become a social place to meet, ask all kinds of questions, whether serious, funny or dumb. Give serious, funny or dumb answers. But wonder what the site owners had in mind when creating the site.

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    If you can get the site owners to respond you are better than the rest of us!

    Nope, I'm not better that the rest of you ... well, maybe better than a couple I've seen on here. :o)
    both fun and profit
    flip ~

    i always wonder about what the intent of this site is. maybe we can find out. ninette has posted a link but i haven't been there yet. i hope i can find it.
    for me this is a place to go and distract from the other life. my husband will call me and i answer but can be so immersed on the Q A board that i don't appear for duty.
    To make us all come out of our shells (yuk, yuk) and socialize with each other. Someone knew all of us smart people were out there just looking for something to make our brains work to show others how much we really know.

    Well, it is good to socialize. :o)

    In this day and age Flip - it is all too easy to stay immersed in our computers and totally forget how to really talk to people. I am so broke I can't afford the gas to go out and see people these days - because of the price of the gas more than anything, so I rely on talking to people this way. At least I'm not talking to myself or my dogs all the time. Keeps me sane.

    Nothing wrong with talking to/with your dogs.:o) Is that a Great Dane as your avatar?

    No Flip, that's my baby boy Riley. He's a Vizsla, a Hungarian Pointer. Now theres a dog that I can really talk to, he almost talks back he's so smart!

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