is it normal for a 31/2 year old average boy to need diapers and a baby botle?

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    Hmmm...sounds to me like he is maybe trying to get your attention for some reason. Is he an only child or is there another sibling that is vying for your attention?One of my boys didn't want to give up his soother. One day I told him that a bumble bee dad came along and asked if he could have it for his little boy. I told him the bumble bee's little baby was sad and could not stop crying so we let him use it for awhile.Maybe you could be a little creative and replace the bottle with the sippy cup this way.Another thing you could do is tell him in his understanding what is good about being more grown up. Maybe letting him do something he may really think is big boy like helping make a sandwich. It has been years since my kids have been babies so if I come up with something creative I will share it with you.
    Diapers and bottle are two different things. Potty training is slow for some children. Feeding and bottle use is more in the parent controls. Just say no!!!

    Grandpa of 12.

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