they said on the news that cell phone can make you get cancer

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    I suppose over time it just cooks our brains. Maybe that's where zombies will come from one day soon?
    The reports have been out for quite a few years, they are going to be like the cigarette company's. There must be scientific proof to resolve the debate. This will take years and many innocent lives to prove the claims of these reports.

    Best thing to do is get a blue tooth device, when they start to admit that there may be links to cancer, you can bet that a few years down the road there will be more and more proof. They have and are making to much money to do anything about it now...
    Asking questions on q@a may also cause cancer.
    it that was true, then almost everybody would have brain cancer. I've only heard of one person in the last ten years that had brain cancer, and it prob wasn't from his cell phone. The media should concentrate more on smokers having high incidences of cancer
    It that was true, then there would be an awful lot of people running around with brain cancer.....especially my friend, Doug, b/c he is ALWAYS on his cell phone.
    Like sticking your head in a microwave oven. Microwaves are microwaves. They want your money and paid FDA-FCC off a long time ago to let them kill you.

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