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    I know this is going to raise some peoples ire but, if you can`t afford to pay for it you can`t afford to buy it.
    The advise given by digger is very sound the only thing I would add is CUT YOUR CARDS UP. Live frugaly until your "new" loan is paid off.

    I don`t know your personal situation but I do know how easy it is to over spend with card or time payment options. Do yourself a favour and live more economicaly.

    I am on the age pension in Australia which is not even on the accepted poverty line let alone above it and I can afford to go on holidays to England.
    HOW? By following the above guide lines.
    There are a few reasons. You currently have several different credit card debts that come with different exorbitant interest rates. By consolidating them all into one debt that is financed by a more traditional loan source such as a personal line of credit or standard bank loan, your interest payments will decrease significantly, thus costing you less. Basically, you'll borrow money to pay off all your credit card debts and be left with one debt (the loan)

    It also makes repayment more manageable by regularly paying down the one loan instead of cherry-picking from numerous outstanding debts.

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