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    A member on here once said that for years his wife tried to change him and in the end left because he wasn't the man she had married. Sad but so true. In many cases relationships break down due to taking one another for granted. The daily drudgery of life takes over and you both forget the fun romantic things that kept the anticipation alive.Now trying to change this has to be a two way street. I could tell you to wine and dine her, bring her home flowers, kiss a little longer, hug a little tighter, say "I love you more often, tell her she is beautiful more often, notice that she has done something new to her hair or has a new blouse on but after awhile she too must reciprocate or the things become unbalanced. Then again maybe if you try these simple things you may reap the benefits of a loving, affectionate, grateful, appreciative wife again. Who knows...might be worth a try?

    If you have Christ in your lives you will learn to get along and work for good, my wife and I never have arguments that we can't talk out.

    I thought it was the other way around,the men are the bitches.

    I see this in many relationships. Thank God I don't have to deal with someone like that. My wife and I both have zero tolerance for bulls**T. Something bothering you? Spit it out deal with it and move on.

    I like that,because dealing with it makes it easier to move forward,a closed mouth doesn't get fed.

    Its a  female thing varies  somewhat from each female  but all have it. Good luck hope this helps,we're all couting on ya!   

    It is part of the fallen nature of men and women. Men feel the distorted need to control their wives. Women feel the distorted need to usurp their husbands. Each behavior can be changed once they become aware of it and why they do it.
    because we are totally different beings -physicaly, emotionaly, mentaly etc. BUT we need each other to sexually exist!!
    There really is no general answer to this question. Generally speaking most men tend to accept their life partner the way s/he is, even when they don't like the behaviour. Some women however see their life partner as a kind of raw material, that has to be molded into some kind of perfection. Personal history has a big role here and also that social/emotional satisfaction is more important to women than to men ( generally!) If you are in that kind of situation, find a relationship-councellor. This is not something people can solve between themselves.
    Sounds like to me that they are just a miserable unhappy person.

    Inherited from the first woman Eve.

    That is my question! LOL

    from the day they were born,women know that they have a certain thing that men want. They are proving to themselves that a man will tollerate ANYTHING to get a piece of thier Action.:Thus boosting thier ego and

    i would think that goes both ways...

    because they'r generally wrong,

    Men and women should not live together. They should get together as long as they can tolerate each other, but continual exposure to each others' foibles is more than the human brain can stand. This is the problem with retirement as I know well.

    sounds like incompatibility.

    I asked my wife that same  question and she simply replied " because I love you dear".

    because they are sick to death of the size and quantity of their dick....

    women are just fkin crazy!

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