On the Casey Antony's case ....What do you think happened to her daughter?

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    I believe she died accidently. Because Casey told so many lies and exhibited such strange behavior, that no one will believe her now, even if she told the truth.

    See Ann, that is exactly what I think. Accidently and everything got out of control after it. Thanks Ann

    Casey is her own worst enemy. I think she has some serious psychological problems. Thanks Varon

    Ann, you are perfectly correct with that thought. She has some huge psychological issues . That is exactly her whole problem. Going to parties, dating boys and going out just about every night for the whole month the baby was missing, says everything. She is sick i the head, no doubt ! Thanks Ann
    the mom killed her..she was getting in the way of partying, why waiste the money on a babby sitter when i can buy drugs(not my opinion just a theory about her)

    I am with you. I want to believe that she kill the baby by accident and then she didn't know what to do with the body and everything when crazy after that. Thank you Daren 1

    id say she was crazy from the get go

    That too Daren 1
    ed shank

    I'm with you on this one. If she walks, somebody is going to whack her.

    hopefully where she needs it

    I'm pretty sure Casey killed her daughter. She didn't seem to care for her and just acted like she did. But I think she will get off for being crazy or some technical reason.
    She will be found guilty, and she will be put to death.

    I know she will be found guilty, but death penalty I dought it 'cause the defense its already placing holes in the whole thing. May be life w/o parole? Thanks for your comnents Ed shank
    country bumpkin

    What happened! :((
    I think she killed her or knows who killed her but what I think doesn't matter. I think OJ killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman and he's walking around free.

    Hi Colleen, I am with you 100% about OJ. On Antony's, I think she did it, but then again it is just me. Thanks Colleen

    I thought O.J. was in Jail for that sports memorabilia thing?

    Is he? I never did hear how that ended.

    the juice was sentenced to 15 years in prison

    Not near enough time for the murders he committed.
    Maybe she drowned in the pool by accident and they panicked then tried to cover it up.

    Maybe she gave her to much knock out juice or chloroform and it accidentally killed her. For some reason I have the feeling it might be an accident, though I don't know why?

    For some reason i feel the same way. I don't know why either.
    I think she overdosed her on something accidentally... Everything there after was to cover up dosing her daughter whole life.
    She killed the child, accident or not, I believe she killed the child, then tried to cover it up.

    6dogs4us, 100% on the money. She is definitely guilty
    I think if she was innocent why hide her until the poor thing is just bone's ugh! this not the action's of an innocent person I baby sat my niece's or nephew when they were small I watched and if they left my sight I would freak out and then call the police and my sister and the rest of the family we look for them not go out and party get drunk etc not our way I think the mother might be loopy

    You are right. Her behavior after the child "disappeared" wasn't normal.

    It a shame she's just a baby pretty little thing rest in peace CAYLEE ANTHONY and THANK YOU for the thumb ups
    We have been discussing this in my Criminology course,I really believe she killed her or someone else killed her daughter in her presence and she went along with trying to cover the murder up,she is selfish and was seen partying away after her daughters disappearance...she sure is something else,that poor innocent child was a victim in all of this,she didn't deserve any of it,she should not have died like that,put away in a garbage bag like trash,she was and is a little angel,god bless her soul.

    IluvJesus, I couldn't say it better. I do believe she kill that baby all by herself. She just want to party and have fun. Casey is LITERALLY sick in the head. How can you kill your own daughter and throw her on the side of the road like a dead animal?

    Exactly right varon,such a horrible tragedy,she needs to pay and be punished accordingly.
    she's guilty, no doubt about it.

    Yes dear Pamela, yes indeed.

    Yes dear Pamela, yes indeed.
    A ACCIDENT??? Then, WHY "Ducktape, Chloroform in the 1st place, discarding of child like trash, the lying/withholding of evidence/testimony by family, especially Cindy, the searches on internet and then not telling law enforcement where her body is even after arrest so, Caylee could be recovered and spared what that childs body went through!! GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES< I HOPE!!!

    Dad, I really hope she will be found guilty because SHE IS. What you are saying is true. Accident my ass. Seeing her behavior after the kid when on missing says it all. Thanks for your comment
    I'll say this If that poor child was my daughter and died by accidential drowning there would be no way on earth I could keep my emotions so cool as her mother was during the time right after her death. the grief would have killed me

    That's exactly what I am talking about. She is guilty .... period !
    if you remember the tapes of her in jail talking with her father, mother, brother... she's absolutely the guilty one, so sad.

    You're right Bevs, everything points to her.
    I think she might have Helped someone kill her or accidentally killed like, example.) drugged her and she didn't wake up. But she just mp telling so many lies that I don't know what to believe. Either u kill someone or u dont it's pretty simple! But I think everyone has a pretty good idea in there head about what REALLY happened, but I sill feel like this is going to be one of those murder cases that are never "solved"

    Another O.J. Simpson is not ? Thanks for your comment. TU2U

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