Which fast-food resturant chain do you like the best and why ?

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    A fast food fix once in a while will not kill you!  They do have a place in our culture, and for me when you need that fix, Wendys' for their salads and chili, but 5-Guys burgers are best.  I am an advocate of a good home-cooked meal, and my wife is a good cook.  I have to convince her to order in once in a while, she tries too much and burns herself out.  We are retired and can try new restaurants etc. but she would rather cook her own meals... 


    What junk food eater do you know who only eats this garbage food once in a while? If a person only eats it once in a while, then they should go to never eating it. Some of the crap they put in that food never leaves your system. It just pockets and causes other problems and yup, it could actually turn into cancer or a tumor and kill you in the end. Stick to your wife's cooking and when she "burns out", offer to make a meal or two. If my big and burly, man of men, father could cook, so can you.

    you made the assumption that I do not cook. I do some cooking, all of the grilling, and most breakfasts.

    I'm a Taco Bell junkie. I also have a cast iron stomach.............

    I like Denny's, because believe it or not, their cheeseburgers and milk shakes have a certain quality that you just don't find in any of the other fast food places...they do things differently. But also, they have a broad menu that offers alot of different food.

    That's like asking which type of physical torture do you find less painful ? Fast-food outlets (can't call them restaurants) serve cheap filler matter disguised as food laced with bad fats,excessive sodium and sugar.

    Support the small,family-owned establishments,worthy of being called restaurants.You'll come across the few that aren't worth returning to but by and large, the food quality is superior as is the taste. Prices to suit all budgets.

    Occasionally,I like asking the owner or motivated waiter/tress what they recommend today.Try asking that the next time you're at Mickey Dees and they'll look at you as if you just landed from Urenus.

    The answer at mc donals is ... "the coffe is fresh"... and if you tell then you are having your brothers baby, they all hide in the kitchen..... (they thought my husband was my brother, and we just let them think )

    :)... You are inching up. I really don't want to miss it! It is like watching a slug walk up a Hosta. "I am going to get to that leaf! Seriously!".
    OK... now it is back to work!

    LOL. I'm good for several weeks still. Like a fine whine ;-)

    That's cos ya gotta give us sumpin' ta work with, sweetie! :D

    Five guys burgers and fries.........Because it is amazing!!!!
    But as far as top 1o type chains I agree Wendy's for Lunch and dinner and Mc Donalds for breakfast....

    I forgot about subways!!!!! That's my fav..... Unless there is a firehouse round....

    allways fresh and clean i also like chic fil
    Kewpee one of the first fast food chains exists only in Lima Ohio now. Dave Thomas founder of Wendys is said to have started their.
    Wendy's is ok by me
    the concensus is that Wendy's has the best quality and taste of food. It's funny, but after having gone to Wendy's tonight, I liked the food so much, I thought I'd ask you guys on akaQA.
    The chicken in their salad is delicious----it's moist, tender, just salted enough . Their chlly is delicious and not too spicy or greasy. Their baked sour cream and chive potato is very good.

    Qdoba. Fast, fresh, nutritious, delish, nice atmosphere. I've since tried Chipotle. Atmosphere not as nice, but food just as good.

    Fastfood restaurants suck! have you ever sat down and had a real dinner??

    Although, if I had to pick, I dunno, they are all so bad.. maybe Subway.. But for a real killer I think I had a carl's jr. 6 dollar burger.. That filled me up for 2 days..
    wendys better quality food
    None. They all serve poisoned food. Organic home cooked meals will save you. :)

    I must be very boring, I don't drink alcohol and I don't eat junk food. Hooray!

    In & Out Burgers.  They make their hamburgers same as I do but they’re soooo much better. My husband bought a beautiful Tee shirt that carries their logo.   Yes!  

    Sushi Train, awesome! ;-)

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