Do you ever worry, like a lot, about what people think of you?

    I'm sort of getting better...especially when I'm relaxed, but man can I get myself in a tizzy sometimes!!!

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    Thanks, Varon! Sometimes hearing from others can be a big help!

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    One thing I have learnt in life is that not everyone is going to like you and that it's really none of my business what they think of me either.Sure it might bother me once in awhile but for the ones that don't...I go out of my way to be friendly with the intention of irritating I know that sounds bad but keep your enemies close, at least you know what their up to. I had an old man that didn't like me because I was dating a guy he detested so every time I saw him walking down the street I would say hello knowing full well he would just grunt and keep going.He was so miserable he would cross to the other side of the street to avoid me, so I would walk out on the road and say hello. I found it quite entertaining not to join in his misery. The thing is you have to realize you can't change what people are going to think of you but you can change how you react. Smile and have fun with life.

    That is so good, Mom! My brother (who is so wise) once told me, "Jenn, you are not going to get Melissa to like you, so you may as well give up! Not everyone is going to like you and you can't please them all, so just enjoy the friends who do appreciate you!" He always had good advice! He has had to overcome being misunderstood and hated unjustly, so I guess I should really listen to that!

    I suppose it could be fun to go out of your way to be nice to them! Maybe they would even see the humour in the whole thing! Thanks, again!
    Not sense I was a teenager then not much.
    Look at my pic do I look like I

    Looks like either you worried your head off, or laughed it off!!! LOL
    Deep down we all want to be liked. At times in my life I didnt even like myself. So yes I do care what others think of me. As a Christian if I set a bad example then I am letting God down.

    GO friendindeed, I know I like you :) your one funny guy

    wait , was it you who used to comment on the jokes and stuff, i remember a similar username, (pranks and ....) ?

    Yes doublehelix....Love a good joke...Thanks for comment

    Thanks, Friendindeed! Some days it seems easier to not worry, other days not as well. But, I'm working on. I am doing much better, but I too have had a hard time liking myself from time to time!

    Good monkey. If we can have at least one good laugh each day we will feel good

    Love to laugh! Makes a world of difference!!
    yes, that used to bother me alot too, but the other people are probably worried that people are noticing them and looking down on them,or being judgemental of them.

    Ya! I try to tell myself that! Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Like if the person looks really confident or something. But then I had a friend tell my Mom that I always look "calm, cool and collected"! Sure have them fooled!!

    That's the way to go, love. Stay calm,collected and cool. You'd be surprised at how much people don't criticize you at all. It's mostly in your head.
    Don't follow the crowd. Always, do your own thing. You'd be surprised at how much people will admire you.
    I'm past that. I couldn't give a damn.

    That's great!

    Thanks for the comments you put in "mycatsmom" 's answer! I am finding that there is a lot to be gained from being myself! For one thing, I'm more at ease and so I can enjoy life more! I actually had an emotional breakdown a few years back from being someone that I'm not. I'm finding out slowly that I am okay, and I can be liked. it does feel good!


    If I could TU your comment I would because it made me smile!! Thanks!

    Good on ya!!

    No kidding! I mentioned in one of the other answers that I actually had an emotional breakdown because of trying to be who I wanted to be, not who I am! I'm learning that I am okay!
    Depends on the people. Family members - maybe. Acquaintances - couldn't care less. If they don't like me, chances are I don't like them either for good reasons.

    Sounds fair enough. It's those that are going to be there for us that we hope don't mind being around us.
    No need to worry your head off as to what that 'stranger' thinks of you when you know your 'friends' love you for who you are :)

    Aw... thanks! My friends have been so great to help me over my hurdles and to begin to love me. My family has been great too!

    i really do not care 2 shakes what people think of me,,they either like me or not,,their problem not mine..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<....


    Why is it their problem?
    terryfossil 1

    because Quacker when 1 or 2 people do not like each other it is because 1 or both have a differance with each other their my case i do not care if they like me or not.that is not my problem if they like me or is thiers...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    I think that everyone likes to be liked, even those who pretend that it doesn't matter to them. Knowing that people don't like you, can't be a happy experience.
    Nope. Never. People who don't like me, don't visit or call. People I don't like are not welcome and they know it. There's something to said about being an opinionated, arrogant, bastard; It keeps me in a good place between the ears.

    Yay for you! That's great if you can just be you and not worry!

    I used to let it bother me but not anymore.


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