can i give my dog garlic capsules for tick control

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    got any ideas

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    One a day for a week and then 1 a day 3 times a week, for the rest of the season. If the garlic odor coming from your dog's skin gets too intense, go to 2 times a week. By that point the garlic will be built up in his system enough to ward off ticks. 2 times a week would be enough to keep the garlic in his system and keep the ticks at bay. This also works to prevent fleas.

    One of the best answers I've seen on this site

    Thanks :)

    will it work for cats?
    @ carmaxable FOR CATS (had to look this up as I don't have a cat)

    Things You'll Need

    * Fresh garlic Garlic powder Garlic salt Vinegar Dish soap Lemons Water Spray bottle

    * 1

    Mix 1/4 or less of a clove of garlic in with your cat's wet food. Fleas don't like the taste of garlic. If your cat eats food with garlic in it, they won't like the taste that comes out in the cat's skin when they bite, and they'll move on.
    * 2

    Shake some garlic powder over your cat's coat, rubbing it into the body and up around the neck, avoiding ears and eyes. Fleas are repelled by garlic powder. Use a minimal amount of powder for your cat's safety.
    * 3

    Bathe your cat in the sink in a few drops of dish soap mixed with a few drops of vinegar. Use baby shampoo on the cat's face and head, being careful not to get it in her eyes. Rinse and dry the cat. Sprinkle some garlic powder on her coat, for extra protection.
    * 4

    Rub some garlic salt lightly into your cat's coat. Salt helps deflect fleas almost as well as the garlic.

    Read more: How to Prevent Fleas in Cats Using Garlic |

    Thats fine I have a springer spaniel and was told to give her two capsules a day for life and wasn't sure of the advise. Building it up in her system then reducing it makes more sense to me to be honest

    surely the dose would depend on the size of the dog?


    Garlic is organic and digestible by dogs. If you feel safer, giving a smaller amount to a small dog then do that. You just need to have enough in the blood stream and to permeate the skin lightly enough so the tick does not like it.

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