What to do with bad nieghbors

    Dirictly behind our house some ppl have moved a tailer. They walked of before the trialer was there to our property and told us if they ever saw our german shepard in thier yard they would shot him. They preceeded post no trepassing signs on all of the trees facing our house.He has since passed due to bone cancer. However, we came home today to our cat with a bullet hole striaght thru her. She is still alive, I have no idea how. I have no proof it was the new nieghbor. We have lived here for 14 years. All of the ppl around us know us and adore our pets. We pet sit for many of them. OUr dogs do not leave our yard. And the cats are normally inside. What do I do now?

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    I am sorry to hear about your cat. I would be inclined to take the Ed Shank route. This is very disturbing. Hope your cat is alright, Jenn.

    She is a ragdoll cat.. I dont even think she knew she was hurt.. .But we kept her in our bathroom while she healed and she is perfectly fine.

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    We have not spoken to them... Only that one time... taht was last summer. I used to go to church with the guys mom. The cat is doing ok today... On antibiotics... and pain med... locked in the bathroom so the other fur babies do not bother her.
    No where in GA is he??? And heck ya, if i cant be connected with it... send that big ol' boy down here.
    i have no proof... but you are right I am really scared at this point. I dont know them and have no clue where the hostility is coming from. They are also shining the back yard spot light directly into my house all night. It is CRAZY.
    Have you ever seen how fast a trailer burns down? It's amazing.

    Bahahahaha... bad thoughts go away!
    Call the cops on these miscreants, and be quick about it, before they shoot you.
    I used to have a bunch of high school aged kids hanging next door, they were always loud and inconsiderate, blasting their car stereos very late at night.

    I went over and asked them nicely a few times and they gave me a nice answer, but a few minutes or hours later...the party was back on.

    I then decided to call the cops every time they got loud after 10pm, well after a few weeks they found a new place to hang out. Hopefully it was far away from other peoples homes.

    I felt kind of guilty for it for a short while, but slept much better because of the newly found peace and quiet. I know when I was that age I didn't understand that people just like to have peace and quiet after a hard day at work.

    It's best to let the cops handle the job, instead of getting into a war with your neighbors. I also found it best to remain anonymous.
    Best thing to do is call the cops
    I have a cousin who lives in Ga. Trust me on this, if U want , I can send him to these 'bad neighbors' and he has ways of making people see things in a different way. He loves to have 'sit - downs' with people like your neighbors. Ever hear of a rescue and shelter called "Pet Ink" ?
    Call the cops, stay calm and make sure to keep your animals inside or while they are outside keep them supervised at ALL times! If the cops cannot do anything, then the only advice i can give you is to move...i know it sounds crazy but sometimes you need to do what you need to do.
    FENCES make great neighbors

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