how do you manage hurtful feelings

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    school counselor? minister? parents? relatives that you trust? exercise? psychologist?
    we ALL have feelings that hurt. every-single-one of us. when you get older it may get easier to manage them. i don't know. good luck.
    forgiveness always worked for frees a mind and soul
    Anger is a constructive emotion. It’s a signal that your feelings are hurt. Seek out what will make the situation better in the future so certain situations doesn’t happen again.
    I won't forgive this person for the terrible thing he has done, Thank God he's not here. Vengeance this time is mine.
    I'm tough, it takes a lot to hurt my feelings. If i write an elegant answer and get roasted and s*** on over it , I feel outraged. I have thoughts of all those V-words and blood curdling terms that would, but by the grace of God, rip the sun out of the sky and evacuate the soul of eternal light. I laugh because I love to play with words and emotions.

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