what can i name my baby boy

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    You could name him Jude, like my little great nephew. I like that song, and there is a St. Jude.
    Little John and when he's a teen Big bad John as an adult Big
    Well...ole hipster comes to mind...however...'m curious, why does the name of your baby boy have to come under the scrutiny of anyone or agency?? I always loved the simple and time honored name of David...short and sweet! (: Good luck with that baby boy!
    Maybe you'd like to look for a meaningful name. There are many names that sound nice or fashionable, but I think a name with a meaning is a way better gift you can bestow your child.

    Choose it in honour of your ancestors and their culture, or from any culture or mythology you feel attracted to. Also, you can name your kid after someone you admire.

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